Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Eye Candy For Everyone!

How many of you have joined Pinterest?...
If you haven't yet...
and you love eye candy...
you just might want to go take a peek at what this is all about!
If you don't know what pinterest's a really great tool that allows you to save pictures and links that you find on the internet.
When you save pin them on separate boards like a bulletin board, or an inspiration board.  You can then organize every single pin that you make onto it’s own board.  It's a great way save tutorials, recipes, decorating ideas or even blogs that you follow.
All of the photos that you see here are
on one of my pinboards.
The beauty of Pinterest is that every picture automatically comes with the link of where it was originally pinned....genius!
Now you don’t have to jot down the location of something that you want to remember or print out all of those decorating ideas or quilt ideas that you see.  They are all organized on your pinboard.
That means...if you love the picture, you can click on the source link and find out more about it.
You can also follow other Pinterest boards so that you can repin their pictures onto your boards...a wonderful way of sharing creativity:)
If you would like to see my boards and the kind of pictures that I think are here!
If you are already a member of Pinterest... and you like what you see...I would be thrilled if you decided to follow my boards.  Remember that I’m just starting out  so there’s not a ton to see just yet, but it is building!
Once you are on a Pinterest site you can type in and search for what types of things interest you and BOOM! - there is an overwhelming selection of photos and links that pop up for you to scroll through.  Of course everyone knows that I’m stuck in Halloween mode right now (and lovin’ it!) – type that in and see what you get . . . amazing!  I’m avoiding typing in Christmas for now . . . but it’s really tempting.  I can’t imagine the ideas that will materialize under that search!
There  is so much loveliness and inspiration available on the internet...and I am thrilled that I now have somewhere to store all those little snippets that I want to keep for reference.
I love Pinterest...I hope you get a chance to have a look to.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Artistically Challenged . . .

So………………. I took an art class.


and I’m going to show you the teacher’s samples . . .


because mine didn’t work too well . . . not the worst, but certainly need to give it all another try . . . another day.

It was lots of fun though – met new people and learned a few things about painting that I hope I’ll remember when I get another chance to sit down and play.

Right now though I’m going to stick to quilting and Halloween.


Here are my little baggies all ready for some mystery sewing.  We have a class scheduled for October 29th and there are going to be at least 40 stacks similar to these.  It’s going to be sew much fun!


Wish everyone could come and make a mystery quilt with us – that would be even more fun.  In the meantime though you’ll all just have to wait until October 30th for the unveiling of what we all get to make.  I know that I’m going to have four samples all ready to show . . . one is country, one is Halloween, one is teals and pinks and one is purples and rusts.

I’ve got some more Halloween planning and sewing to do . . . I better keep at ‘er.

Have a great weekend everyone!