Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Flu, Mail and Some Progress . . .

Yeah, last weekend was a flu weekend – even had to miss a quilting day with my Undercover Strippers on Saturday! I did manage to crawl down to the sewing room once and tried to stitch a straight line or two . . . I succeeded in the straight line part – they were just the wrong pieces put together. Ended up un-sewing more than sewing!



This project has been taking up most of my at-home waking hours . . . progress is being made! Pattern writing needs to happen soon though – there is quite a number of projects that are at that stage.


Including this quilt, which is “my most favorite quilt in the stack” right now.


I am going to test out that theory – is it really “my most favorite quilt in the stack” or is it just that line of fabric that I like so much? I ordered a couple more honey bun bundles so that I could test this theory (and my pattern writing!) I really want to test this out with the Soiree line – it’s got that lovely teal blue in there that I’m just dying to put in a quilt.


The Nostalgia honey bun by April Cornell will be used to test out another pattern that is in the pile. I really need to take some vacation days soon! So many things to do . . .

And speaking of things to do – maybe you have a spare jelly roll sitting around that needs used up. Go check out the Sampler Quilt Along that Moose on the Porch is hosting – one jelly roll and some yardage is all you need to participate in this March to August sampler series. I AM ONLY GOING TO WATCH!!!!! But it really does sound like fun.

Well we’re off on a road trip this weekend – that means I will be taking a couple of quilts along to try and get the binding sewn on. Might have a couple of finishes to post next week for my PhD (see sidebar!)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Yeah, I know . . .


. . . it’s new, but . . .


. . . it’s,



Have a great weekend!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Appliqué Day . . .

oh . . . no!  I mean Valentine’s Day – I hope everyone is having a happy day!


This is my little Valentine’s Day/Appliqué Day helper . . . I think she finds my projects just a little dull and drawn out.  Oh well . . . she is great company when she wakes up and she never criticizes any of my fabric choices !DSC04940

Fabric for this quilt (which Mysty was absolutely no help in choosing prints for!) – was supposed to be here on Friday so that I could work on the 28 blocks for the whole long weekend.  Didn’t show up . . . so moved on to other projects that were waiting in the wings . . .


Like this little birdie . . .


and this vine project . . .


and sewing borders on this one . . .


and more stems to sew down on this one.


I have made some progress on the above  projects since I took pictures this morning, but I haven’t gotten to this project yet . . . oh, well . . . there is always tomorrow.  I love these three day weekends . . .

Friday, 12 February 2010

The weekend is shaping up . . .

And I really must give you a heads up . . 

on a wonderful sale at one of my very FAVORITE online shops –

All Fabric is 35% off!


All kits and bundles are 40% off now through Sunday, February 14th.

35% off Fabric - 40% off Kits & Bundles

. . . head on over and look at some of the newest lines that are just coming out or shop for that yardage you need to finish off the latest project – these prices are wonderful!

I won’t be participating in the Sewing Olympics over at this Flickr group, but I certainly hope to get in a couple of good days of sewing between now and Monday night.  On Monday, here in Manitoba, Louis Riel day is celebrated, so that is an extra day of sewing and celebrating for me.

The Olympics have also got underway tonight in Vancouver and I must say that any anticipation that I may have felt has been completely dashed by the horrific accidental death of the young luger Nodar Kumaritashvili from Georgia – our heartfelt Canadian condolences go out to his family, friends and competitors.

I wish everyone a safe and productive weekend,

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Little Packages of Happiness!

I won this giveaway back in December from L7 Quilt Co. and waited impatiently patiently for the package to arrive. Michelle mailed it on December 30, 2009 and it arrived here on February 4th. The mail system never ceases to amaze me! DSC04945

But now the little darlings are here and I’ve taken precious moments out of my self-imposed hectic schedule to try and come up with a plan to use them. Has anyone out there opened one of these little packages and made something? If you have . . . let me know! I’d love to see what people are doing with them.

Thank you Michelle for pulling that extra name . . . I can’t wait to open one of these up and try something.

DSC04942 I finished all the machine quilting on these and have the binding ready to go. In my previous post, I had thought I would finish hand stitching the binding down this weekend, but since then I have decided to set them aside . . . I’m expecting to have to do some travelling in the next few weeks and these will be great projects to take along and work mindlessly on. Binding can be boring you know! These won’t be posted as completed PhD’s for a few more weeks . . . but they’re really close! Those blank white squares over in my sidebar will have to stay blank for a while longer.

Besides . . . that quilt on the right hand side of the photo needs some instructions written for it . . . that’s also a good project to work on during commercials at night . . . keeps the mind occupied. I LOVE this quilt and can’t wait to make another one . . . the instructions need tested after all – amazing what excuses I can come up with to start new things.

K – gotta run and start on the “new” project – have a great weekend!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Slow and Steady Progress . . .

This pristine little bloom has watched me machine quilt two of my PhD’s this week.


. . . and I’m hoping that it will also supervise the beginning of another new project this weekend.DSC04934 

Having two quilts pretty much ready for binding will also keep my evenings quite busy . . . hope there are some good movies on this coming weekend!


‘til next time,