Friday, 3 August 2012

Ideas = Brains – NOT!

It is so hard not to get drawn into all the lovely new lines of fabric that keep coming out.  I already have my eye on the Fall lines and haven’t even thought about what project to use these lovelies for.


There is certainly getting to be quite a collection of fabric packages in this sewing room and also lots of UFOs getting piled up in corners.  I always have the grandiose idea that the project won’t take as long as I know it will and therefore I never get that project done before the next one comes along.  More ideas than brains!!!!


I have finished the last wedding quilt of the season . . . but then got cornered to make a laptop bag . . . not quite my usual comfort project, for sure!  But I will persevere and get ‘er done – sooner than later I hope.


I have been doing some Halloween sewing, getting pattern orders sent out, gearing up for a new Fall/Winter workshop in October/November, and planning teaching projects for 2013.  So I guess I’m not completely standing still . . . it just feels like it most days.


Little Whiskey has become a little more settled with the whole quilting thing and can actually get quite cozy in the sewing room now.

The dreaded trip to the vet for her little operation was on Tuesday this week (July 31), so she is a little sore and needing lots of babying this week.  Glad I’ve had the week at home with her . . . lots of snuggling and little naps together – just what the doctor ordered!

Have a great weekend everyone!