Thursday, 30 September 2010

Strange Week . . .

Just a bit more weirdness in my yard . . . maybe I’m living under a mushroom also!

There are certainly days where I wonder if that is not really the case . . .



This mushroom has a very interesting design on top . . . wonder how that happens . . . air flow, light, . . . I wonder?  Thank goodness the sun has been shining all week so far and these mushrooms will disappear as quick as they came – I’m not used to seeing these popping up in the strangest places!


On Tuesday I attended a district meeting for my organization and it was held out in the country.  Look at the Prairie view!


This is where the meeting was held . . . an historical Church that has been converted into a restaurant/meeting place and also a bed and breakfast.  It is called Cafe Bru and is located about 3 1/2 miles from Cypress River, Manitoba.  You have to drive around on some gravel country roads and then you climb a steep hill and once you get to the top – there it is . . . the Church steeple can be seen for miles!


The architecture, antiques and the meal they served was fantastic and is certainly worth a second visit.


As far as I could tell all of the stained glass windows were still intact and were breathtaking . . . the details and colors were awesome!


And this was the side yard of the Church looking towards the owner’s house . . . very picturesque spot indeed!

I have been quilting this week in the evenings but of course most of the stuff I can’t show anyway so scenery it is!

I’ve had an interesting work week and I’ll be back hopefully tomorrow to show you what I was up to on Wednesday.  Something else that was just a little “outside-the-box”!

Monday, 27 September 2010

Workin’, workin’ in an Autumn Wonderland


Well this project is the one thing doesn’t fit in with the rest of this post – figured it better go first and get it out of the way!

The colors in this little flower are geared towards Spring and Summer but this is definitely a project that I’ve been working away at this past week.  Lots more buttons to come . . . I’ll keep you posted as to when the big reveal will be.

It’s been so cloudy, gloomy and rainy around here that taking photos (at least for me!) is almost impossible.  Having a bit of fog roll in certainly doesn’t help the brightness factor.


Look at all the beautiful leaves though . . . it’s really too bad that they eventually will all need to be raked up.


That gold color is gorgeous and should really be used in a quilt, don’t you think?


Maybe we should throw a little bit of red and green in there as well.


All of these nice earthy colors have ended up in the quilt that I’ve just finished quilting.  Might be a Christmas present but I’m not sure about that just yet.  Sure looks really, really good on my sofa right now.  In three weeks I’ll be showing you the finished quilt . . . hope I can find time to do the binding before then!


And this brings me to showing you the weird, weird things that are growing on our lawn.  Well I suppose these aren’t quite that weird, but these . . .


are just kinda gross – fungi heaven, I guess – let’s pretend they are little bubbles or something cute.


There’s a little bit of prancin’ going on in the sewing room lately also.  This one is just about ready to be layered up and quilted and then ready for show and tell in three weeks.  No deadlines in my life right now!


I just hope those leaves can stay on the trees until AFTER all my deadlines have been reached.  Sure would hate to take time out to go and rake.

Anyone out there looking for a great outdoor job?  Payment would have to be in quilts though!

Have a great week everyone.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Where Are My Pins?!?!?

The place is a mess!

It’s no wonder I can’t locate my little tiny appliqué pins . . . they could be hiding just about anywhere.


Are they on this end of the table or that end of the table.  I know that I had seen them just the other day – how far could they have really gotten?  I really need them so that I can move on with my new recipe – what’s a good recipe without all the ingredients?


I checked in the fish bowl with the thread and they weren’t there.  I also looked in some of those bins of UFOs – they weren’t in there either.


I stood back and took a little broader look to see if something would jog my memory.

And it did!  Not sure what it was, but I remembered I had put them here - 


so that I wouldn’t lose them.  How handy and organized was that?  Such a safe little place to tuck away the little tools we use.

Next time I’ll start in the “safe” places and then branch out.

Do you think maybe I should finish some projects soon and do a clean up?

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Shopping Trip - Complete


I can now carry on with all of my projects . . . which one should I choose – there seems to be so many piled around the room right now.


I’ve been noticing on some of the blogs out there in blog land that the new Quilt Sampler magazine came out recently.  I always have to wait another week or more before I see it here in any of my local stores – Wal-Mart pulled through today and it was sitting there just waiting for me.

This has been one of my FAVORITE magazines for quite a number of years now (only published twice per year).  I have every issue that has ever been printed and as my daughter loves to say lately – they form part of my hoarding collection.  I refer back to these issues every chance I get and love to throw a couple of the old issues in to the car when we go on a road trip – I love them!


So . . . today I love them just a little bit more :).


Look up there in the upper right hand corner – way up there.

They didn’t tell me it was going to be in Quilt Sampler!

I knew it was in another magazine (that shall remain un-named), but I never dreamt it would be in this wonderful issue.

I love quilting and I LOVE magazines!

(And I am really not a hoarder – don’t listen to my daughter!)

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I’m Baking Again . . .

Oh – the colors of these ingredients are just so scrumptious!!!

Copy of DSC06164

This looks more like a Spring recipe than a Fall one.


Maybe we’ll call it “Dreaming of Spring” or “Spring Dreams”.

Then again maybe we’ll just see how the quilt turns out first and then give it a name.  What color of thread do I need for this one?  More things to add to the shopping list.

Happy sewing . . .

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Works in Progress . . .


Oh . . . I was so close!  I ran out of thread with only this much left to quilt.  The shopping list has started now.


Another little WIP that has had to be put aside . . . I don’t have that shade of orange – it goes on the list also.


I cannot show this whole quilt until October sometime.  It was basted together over the weekend and then guess what?  No thread!  Sure I could use a light beige, but I have my heart set on a butterscotch color that will blend better.  Plus the back is a nice chocolate brown and I think the butterscotch will look much better.


Since I was on a roll with my plaids and Christmas prints all pulled out and laying around, I decided to have a go at another quick Christmas quilt.  This one also can’t be shown until after the middle of October.  I’m ready to move onto the appliqué parts of this one today so I better get cracking!

Umm . . . wonder what color of thread I need for this one?

Have a great week everyone . . .

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Apes and Muffins . . .

I know!  I am such a bad blogger and a bad quilter too!


The extent of my “sewing” this past week has been to repair this wonderful character . . . a golf-club cover of all things!


Good news is that he is all set for his Fall appearance on the golf courses.  Sure glad that repairing things is not something most quilters need to do – but people always assume that because we know how to quilt that we will love fixing anything with a needle and thread.  Boy are they wrong!!!


I did manage to squeeze in some baking with my new ‘muffin top’ pans – pumpkin spice muffins even . . . wow the smell in the house was awesome.


A person needs to bake these every day of the week - trouble is someone would also need to eat that many in a week . . . not around here.  We’re not really '”sweet” eaters, so baking is a rare occurrence in this house.  Maybe I just need to bake them when I know that company is coming over :)


We also made some mini carrot cupcakes – obviously some were minier (is that a word!) than others.

K – enough with the food stuff, I’m off to do some machine quilting.  Have a great weekend everyone!