Saturday, 5 October 2013

A Little Sex Change and a Winner

Oops!!! . . . .

Full face - closeup copy

Turns out that this little sweetie is actually a little girl – the breeder had a few issues with sexing the four little monkeys from this litter and I got a call last Sunday.

I had originally wanted a little girl but was persuaded by various people, including the breeder, that I might have better acceptance from Whiskey with her bonding with a little boy versus the little girl.  Turns out that all four in the litter are little girls, so there really isn’t an option right now for a boy anyway . . . it would be quite a bit longer wait for sure.  Plus this is Whiskey’s mom’s last litter as she is retiring and I wanted a half brother sister for Whiskey.  Now I will just keep my fingers and toes crossed that Whiskey is young enough (under 2) to accept and bond with this  little baby.  I guess by mid-December I will know the answer for sure!

Goes to prove  that you just can’t make too many plans and always be ready to make a change part way through your initial decisions!

Now onto the winner of the . . .

Daily Craft TV

from my post on September 23rd.

There were not a lot of entries, but the entries that I did receive were really excited about the classes that were offered by the Daily Craft TV and rightly so . . . I can’t wait to the get the portrait of Whiskey done and try my hand at the new little “currently unnamed” monkey – suggestions are most welcome!

So “Nuper” is the winner and I will be contacting her very soon.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by and had a look at my blog as well as popping over and checking out the Daily Craft TV site.  It’s always so much fun to stretch our horizons and try new things and there are certainly lots of new techniques and ideas out there to try.  Have fun exploring!!!