Thursday, 26 June 2008

Weather Watching . . .

This is the big weekend!

Everyone is watching the forecast for Saturday . . . hoping that there's not going to be 450 people stuck under a big white tent with the rain poring down. Could be cozy or just down right uncomfortable. Oh well, there are the beer gardens and lots of food, plus lots of people that haven't seen each other in quite some time. I'm sure that no matter the weather . . . MOST people will have a great time.

Personally . . . it's going to be a relief when everything is over! Wow, what a strain on the old stress level . . . trying to remember what all needs to be done and when it needs to be done by. Everything from displays, to cakes, to booklet publishing. logo design, pamphlet publishing, porta potties, meetings, etc. . . . all in addition to regular issues like gravel, culverts, detours, planning issues and weed control. How exciting a life this is?!?!?!

Eight more years . . . to retirement . . . so I'm told. Probably more like 28 years.

So, just to perk up my Thursday I thought I needed to see these little bloomies. This one is a little straw flower and this is the first time I've ever planted these. The blooms so far are really nice but the foliage needs to fill out a bit more to make me really happy.

This little painted flower is the ever wonderful standby - dianthus. Such little cuties mixed in with a whole bunch of lobelia.

This one I do know without looking it up . . . it is an perennial geranium. I remember this because it's always amazed me that it doesn't look anything like the real geraniums. These are great perennials to have around . . . the foliage forms a big globe shape and then sends out dozens of these purple (I also have a white one) blooms. Very cheery for a short while and then the foliage collapses under it's own weight and it needs to be clipped back.

Anyway . . . must run . . . millions of details to finalize today and tomorrow is even worse. So I hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll post again on Monday . . .
'til next time,


Monday, 23 June 2008

As promised . . .

here is a better view of what I've done to my Jelly Roll.

This is a look at a few of the blocks - no where near done yet. Once this is all completed it will be combined into an upcoming pattern for release this Fall. So you really can't see the whole thing just yet . . .

I found some of this wonderful collection (Shangri-la by 3 Sisters) on sale at the Fabric Depot. I just love that background fabric - not to mention all of the other prints. In total I think the order was for 12 1/2 yards - not all Shangri-la but also the 40% off Peace on Earth collection also from 3 Sisters.
I didn't leave home for two days . . . but managed to spend a bit of money anyway. Who can pass up a sale!
'til next time,

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Beautiful weekend . . .

Birds are singing, the breeze is gentle, the sun is shining . . .

. . . and the blooms are blooming.
Wow, every time you turn around there is some new flower that has burst forth with it's little happy face.

Of course there are still the busy little bees to watch out for and you can hear the droning hum of the millions of mosquitoes that have hatched in the past week. These pesky little insects can ruin a perfect little "sit out on the deck" moment in next to no time. Believe me, I've tried . . . and I think my arms must look like little propellers . . . swatting this way and then that way!

Oh dear! If I was only the organized gardener that I once had planned to be . . . I would remember the names of all these glorious little blooms. How weird is this one? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say.

And, just one more tiny sneak peek . . . just putting the blocks together today . . . might have more to show tomorrow . . . stay tuned!

'til next time,


Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Just playing around . . .

with the blog layout. Anyone notice that the header and the background keep changing? I'm hard to please - so it takes quite a few tries to even slightly get close to what I'm looking for in a blog layout. Plus . . . I've learned how to do it . . . the changes that is . . . so now it can change everyday if I happen to get around to messing around with it. Keep me posted if you see something you like and think I should quit playing around . . . I know there's lots of people lurking out there . . . give me your opinion and ideas. Obviously I need some help! Most people would try all these changes in the privacy of their own computer . . . but . . . what the heck . . . we're all out there together, right? Let me know what you think.

My quilt group had it's windup potluck supper last week, which of course included wonderful foods and a small show and tell.

I took a few pictures but this is the one that really stood out. Lise made this stack and whack from one zinger of a fabric and it amazes me that it is only ONE fabric! Look at the different colors in each of the blocks . . . what an assortment of "colour in your face" blocks. Probably not a fabric that I would have chosen off the shelves, but after seeing this you have to wonder why not?

My wonderful quilting buddy Syd, is moving away. When I first joined the quilt group a few years ago, Syd was one of those people that always seemed to know what to say and was always able to pick up on situations that some might have felt were acceptable, but really weren't. Syd is the reason I am still with the group and I'm really going to miss having her around. Her outstanding friendship is what everyone can learn from and pass along - kinda like a pay it forward thing. Her example was something I will always remember and attempt to extend in similar situations.

Each member of the group presented Syd with 6 1/2" signed blocks so that she can make her own memory quilt - what a wonderful assortment of memory blocks.
Next year is going to be a bit different . . .
'til next time,

Monday, 16 June 2008

I DID IT!!!!

Remember this . . .

. . . all pretty and packaged . . .

It became this!

and then this . . .

. . . and then this . . .

. . . and then it all became this.
Now you'll just have to see where it goes and what it becomes. This was so much fun! . . . pulling that jelly roll all apart and playing with 40 different prints that all coordinate . . . if you'd told me this sooner . . . maybe . . . just maybe . . . I'd have done it sooner!
This is my little present to myself from the Fat Quarter Shop for the month of June. It's that time of the year to be thinking about Christmas and the whole getting ready for it thing. This beautiful grouping is "Peace on Earth" by 3 Sisters and MODA of course! Other than the colours being slightly Christmasy, the prints are not really, really geared towards the season - they could work elsewhere also, I'm thinkin'.

This is definitely not Christmas . . . little tiny Lily of the Valley blossoms . . . how dainty are these?!

And now I'll show you my true stripes - just kidding!

This is one of the petals on my Iris plant . . . I didn't know they were all stripey like that . . . look what you can find when you get up real close and personal with things. I also didn't know they were all furry like that either . . . who knew?

'til next time,


Thursday, 12 June 2008

I'm in the RED!

Day five of the color challenge - final day for me . . . I believe most people finished yesterday. That's me - just a little slow on the uptake there!

Of course there is the red MODA tin that one of my beautiful jelly rolls came in.

As if the front of the tin isn't pretty enough, they also decorated the bottom of the tin with one of the fabric prints! How much richer red can you ask for?

For this picture I just opened up my fabric cupboard and took a snap. I try to keep stacks of the same color in nice (not so neat!) piles. That way I can just open the cupboard and quickly scan for a certain tone of whatever color I'm looking for.

I believe that these wonderful prints are by Buggy Barn - love them too much to cut into them. You know how some reds are just so warm and scrumptious that the only thing they are really good for is to look at . . .

And, of course, I opened my scrap drawer again just to show you some of my little leftovers.
This little trinket was my Mom's and was always sitting next to her machine when I was a kid. She made all of our clothes and just about everything else for the home. The only thing she never made was a quilt . . . not sure where I picked up the bug for quilting . . . but definitely learned how to sew at my mother's knee.
'til next time,

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Chocolate you say? . . .

Natalie has deemed the fourth day of the color challenge to be "Chocolate".

The first thing I thought of was this little collection that I bought a couple of years ago to make pillows for my daughter - she wasn't all that impressed! With the idea or the fabric, I can't remember which. Personally I love the prints and will eventually use them - maybe not for pillows though.

Some of you have already seen my Whimsicals fabric collection, but I couldn't resist bringing it out again for the chocolate challenge.

And of course you must have a peak into another one of my scrap drawers!

Not exactly "chocolate" but a creamy chocolate beige, with a few other goodies mixed into the pile. Plaids . . . yeah, I have plans for those too - it's for a Christmas quilt if I remember correctly.

I need your help with this one. My step-mom gave me these two beautiful, soft fur hats. I guess she thought I could use them for something! What I want to know is whether there would be enough material, with both hats combined, to make a little teddy bear. Anyone out there in blogland know the answer? Imagine the light color for the insides of his ears, paws, foot pads and his nose - maybe even his tummy and the rest in the deep, deep chocolate color. Please email me if you can help me.

Ah, the proverbial brown envelope . . . taxation division even! How ominous is this? Guess I better go open it . . . hope I'm not in the red . . .
'til next time,

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

It's a blue day . . .

for day three of the color challenge!

Looking around my sewing area I found more old blues than new.
The blues above are Moda (of course!) and brand new. I signed up for the Fat Quarter Shop monthly Fat 1/4 Club. Every month I receive a brand new little stack of 12 luscious pieces of fabric. It's like having twelve beautiful presents that come throughout the year.
How old do you think these fabrics are? I wish I knew! I bought a big, huge box full of mostly quilting cottons at an auction sale I attended a couple of years ago. I very carefully unfolded each of the wrinkled little lovelies, ironed them smooth and then folded them as neatly as odd shaped pieces can be folded. None of the prints look at all familiar to me - so is it safe to say they must be at least ____ years old? I've got tons of these pieces, in every color imaginable, in every shape and size, that will make a wonderful scrap quilt (when I retire!).

How could I not do the "blue day" without a picture of my blue drawer? It was begging to be included . . . just like the green drawer that I forgot to post the other day. A few years ago I bought one of those six drawer plastic wheeled units - each drawer has its own color of leftovers that get thrown in. When I need just a little piece of some color, this is the first place to look. I find it very handy and will need another one soon.

This little blue flower is on one of the handkerchiefs I was previewing for you the past two posts. This also strikes me as being a number of years old - must be! When was the last time you saw a lady with a hankie?! How old does that make it? I'm not up on my hankie history . . . maybe we should google that . . .
'til next time,

Monday, 9 June 2008

Gratifying green . . .

is everywhere in my sewing room!

Green goes with so many other colors . . . how can you make leaves or trees or vines without having green? Natalie has inspired me to pull out the DMC . . . I wonder what I'll make? Previews in early posts maybe?!?!

These greens are from Connecting Threads and came in a wonderful fat 1/4 pack with a bunch of other colors. Options galore with this stack.

One of my favorite designers right now (and I have many!) . . . Fig Tree fabrics, whether they're green or not, are fantastic.

And, from that stack of girlie hankies, is this dainty hankie, almost like a watercolor painting on fabric. Very, very thin, but oh so pretty!
I'm catching up to the challenge . . . I think blue may be next . . .

Joining in . . .

with Cinderberry Stitches in her color challenge.

Each day, for five days, you post pictures showing a specific color. I'm starting out of the gate rather slowly . . . Natalie started on Saturday. I actually started taking pictures on Sunday, but then my battery went dead on the camera . . . slowed me down just a tad!

Of course, at this point in my quiltmaking journey, Moda is my mostest favorite collectible fabric. Which, just by chance, includes some pinks.

Like I said, I'm collecting right now. I have yet to make a quilt that includes any large amount of pink . . . but I am thinking about it!

Looking around my sewing area, I was able to find a few pink things (besides Moda fabric!). This little sketch is one I did last Fall and it has pink.

And, then there is this little stack of handkerchiefs that was given to me a couple of years ago that I have just recently dug out of storage. What a girlie hankie this one was! Can't mistake that color as anything but pink.

And then there is this little dogwood flower that was on one of my challenge quilts - pink flowers on a black background are very striking.

Go back to the top of the page now and click on the link to Natalie's site . . . you can find wonderful inspiration everywhere on her site. Not very often I go back to view the beginning entries on a blog . . . but this one I have read every page . . . way to go Natalie!

I'll be back soon with day two of the color challenge . . .

'til next time,


Monday, 2 June 2008

Getting ready . . .

for the lazy days of summer . . .

Evening wine on the deck . . . hardly a breeze . . . birds singing . . . breath deep . . . and relax.

How great a life this would be . . . seven days a week. Don't have to worry about that situation happening anytime soon . . . and would you get tired of it after awhile? Become indifferent and unappreciative? Maybe . . .

Now, Shadow has never gotten tired of the lazy life. She is my other baby . . . fifteen years old . . . deaf as a post lately . . . not too many teeth left . . . and scared of her own shadow - lucky she can't hear herself coming and going! Poor dear . . . but she really does like the lazy life and I think she still appreciates every minute of it.

And here is a nice little green scene for you . . . we live not far from the river (up high though), have lots of trees on our property and have lots of both tame and wild flowers. It's almost like living at the lake but don't have to worry about keeping two properties. I like that - I think one property is lots to keep track of . . . even doing that cuts into my quilting time . . .
'til next time,