Tuesday, 10 June 2008

It's a blue day . . .

for day three of the color challenge!

Looking around my sewing area I found more old blues than new.
The blues above are Moda (of course!) and brand new. I signed up for the Fat Quarter Shop monthly Fat 1/4 Club. Every month I receive a brand new little stack of 12 luscious pieces of fabric. It's like having twelve beautiful presents that come throughout the year.
How old do you think these fabrics are? I wish I knew! I bought a big, huge box full of mostly quilting cottons at an auction sale I attended a couple of years ago. I very carefully unfolded each of the wrinkled little lovelies, ironed them smooth and then folded them as neatly as odd shaped pieces can be folded. None of the prints look at all familiar to me - so is it safe to say they must be at least ____ years old? I've got tons of these pieces, in every color imaginable, in every shape and size, that will make a wonderful scrap quilt (when I retire!).

How could I not do the "blue day" without a picture of my blue drawer? It was begging to be included . . . just like the green drawer that I forgot to post the other day. A few years ago I bought one of those six drawer plastic wheeled units - each drawer has its own color of leftovers that get thrown in. When I need just a little piece of some color, this is the first place to look. I find it very handy and will need another one soon.

This little blue flower is on one of the handkerchiefs I was previewing for you the past two posts. This also strikes me as being a number of years old - must be! When was the last time you saw a lady with a hankie?! How old does that make it? I'm not up on my hankie history . . . maybe we should google that . . .
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