Tuesday, 22 March 2011

3rd One Done!

Yes, this is the third out of nine that I have now completed.


As an art quilt I think it does make it’s own little statement.  It is going to hang in my laundry room which also has a yellow/gold (Dijon) colored wall.  You can never have too many cheerful things in a laundry room!


Moving on to other things that are progressing . . . this quilt is in the process of getting it’s final borders put on.  Lots of appliqué on those snowflakes . . . could take a while.


This PhD has gone from just a flimsy to a basted quilt – just another few big steps  further and we’ll add it to the pile too.

Have a great week!

Monday, 21 March 2011

Class is Out!


Some of you will remember that this was my first finish over at Myra’s PhD Challenge (see sidebar).  This was also the demo quilt for a beginner’s workshop that Sheila and I have been teaching over the past three Saturday’s.


This is Deanne’s quilt all ready to move on to the next phase.  She unknowingly, as a first time quilter, went to the fabric store and chose batiks.  She went in and picked what she liked and then almost dropped over at the cash register when the total purchase came up!  I guess we should have had a class in that as well . . . good news is that it was the fabric that she loved and that makes all the difference in the world.

Copy of DSC07208

This quilt belongs to Wendy who is not a beginner quilter but came to cheer on her friend Susan – what a great friend!  This quilt reminds me of a cottage country garden – very serene and restful.

Copy of DSC07212

And this is Susan’s quilt – Wendy’s friend.  She fell in love with the black and white prints and that gorgeous hot pink and I think it’s easy to see why!  A very striking quilt that makes a statement.  Love it!

I wasn’t handy with the camera when Angie and Julie had their quilts laid out, but I will catch them in April when everyone is coming back to learn how to use up the scraps from this quilt to make another one.

I think there are a few patterns around the quilting world for this pattern and the second one but what we did was take a 12-pack of fat quarters, plus some yardage, and calculated it all out so that you get a 60”x60” quilt (as shown - “All Cooped Up”) and . . .


a 50” x 50” quilt called “Stiks” which is like a stacked coins quilt.  I love getting two quilts from one package of fabric and they are both so different.


I also want to thank everyone who sent condolences on the loss of our Shadow.  It is an adjustment when we’re used to seeing someone everyday for 19 years and then they are no longer there.  We had her cremated and she is now home again and that makes me settled.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I’ve gotten another one done!!!  Yippee – and – Yahoo!


I love these pumpkins and I’ve hung them up just for you – for now.  They are on their way to the storage closet as soon as they come down and they won’t be back on display for another six months or so.


But they are sure fun for right now!

This is my second PhD (projects half done) from Myra’s challenge (see side bar for more details).  I love a good finish.

I also have two more PhDs to add to my completed list and will try and unroll a post for each of them in the next few days.  Life is just a tad hectic right now . . . but I promise to be back soon.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

I’m Having Fun . . .

with a little squirrel – Henrietta to be exact.


What an absolute little sweetie to work with . . . always happy and chirpy, plus . . .


she has some pretty fun friends also!


Henrietta is one lucky gal – I know the squirrels in my backyard would like nothing better than a little red wagon to truck their little stashes from place to place.


So, yes – I know . . . on Sunday I should have been working on PhD’s and what-not's, but I just couldn’t resist getting a start on these little blocks that have been stacking up since January.  Lots of blanket stitching and embroidery to do on these before they are done but at least they are started.

If you haven’t already been over to Bunny Hill to get your free blocks I urge you to get over there!  I’ve also finally gotten around to putting Henrietta’s link over in the side bar if you happen to be looking for it later.


It’s also time for me to start looking for what type of border fabric I want to use for the Bunny Hill “Snowbound” quilt (see link in side bar). 


I was able to get all of these blocks sewn together last night finally and I LOVE IT!!!  Of course I didn’t have enough of the brown print to use for borders because it came out of my stash . . . now I will have to try and match it up with something that will work.  Shopping is half of the fun of quilting after all.  Right?!?!?!

Have a great rest of the week . . . I’m off to some non-quilting related convention and will be gone until the end of the week.  I hope you gets lots done while I’m away.