Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I’ve gotten another one done!!!  Yippee – and – Yahoo!


I love these pumpkins and I’ve hung them up just for you – for now.  They are on their way to the storage closet as soon as they come down and they won’t be back on display for another six months or so.


But they are sure fun for right now!

This is my second PhD (projects half done) from Myra’s challenge (see side bar for more details).  I love a good finish.

I also have two more PhDs to add to my completed list and will try and unroll a post for each of them in the next few days.  Life is just a tad hectic right now . . . but I promise to be back soon.


Karen said...

I love fall colors and pumpkin quilts. I like the way you hung the quilt for photo display. And idea to keep in mind.

northernknitter said...

Congrats on getting your PHD finished! When you're not overloaded can you please give some details/info on the rod clip arrangement you've used - keep well.

Rhonda said...

so cute! I love pumpkins and I would have hung this up now as well if I had just finished it.