Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Tia Marie – My New Quilting Terror!


Well, actually she’s not so new anymore . . . that little foot has grown into a HUGE little Bengal girl!


Tia was a terror at Christmas and kept everyone on their toes.  This is a photo that is currently entered into a calendar contest . . . pretty good odds – maybe?!?!


I REALLY liked this one of her, but I think the photographer was laughing so hard that it turned out a bit unfocussed – too bad on this one :0(


With intense eyes like that you just know there is trouble lurking everywhere.


We’re not having too much of an interior mosquito or fly issue so far this year . . . between Tia and Whiskey they are keeping the bug population pretty much extinct.


Whiskey has adapted to having a baby in the house – sort of.  She does miss her alone time with us and comes seeking us out when she can.  Unfortunately she can only do that when she can lose the little monster – which doesn’t happen too often.


Sometimes all she can do is try and squish her into being good – that’s when the evil looks start flying!

Life has certainly changed in our house . . .

Up next – new studio has broken ground!!!