Thursday, 31 July 2014

Little Quilt and Studio Progress

I’ve been busy stitching away here in my little basement . . . it’s hot outside and it’s nice and cool down here – wonderful little spot to create . . . for now.

I still need to do some embroidery on this little piece – up in the upper left corner it’s going to say “Memories are stitched with . . .” and then of course the “love” still needs to be appliqu├ęd down.  Binding is a nice striped blue and I think will really finish the piece.  This was all made with scraps from a Drunkard’s path quilt I made a few years ago – very vintage and old-fashioned prints, but so cheerful :0))


Progress is being made on our little building project -


the roof and shingles are all on now and we’re expecting another load of building supplies tomorrow.


I am so excited about the screened in porch area – the mosquitoes have been exceptionally bad in all areas of Manitoba this year, and, in my opinion, have been increasing in numbers over the past ten years.


We’re still ironing out exactly how the porch is going to look – skinny posts, wider posts, etc., etc.  I’m sure I’ll be happy as long as it has screens in it!!!  The porch will be facing West (towards my garden) and even in the late afternoon there is only dappled sunlight that is hitting on it – the trees create a canopy of sorts and make this a wonderful cool spot to sit and relax.


This is the view towards the back of the house from the porch – I’ll still be able to see anyone coming towards the studio and know if there are any problems at the house.  We will have to find some stepping stones or something to create a walkway between the two buildings – the grass isn’t going to stand up too much longer!


I’ve already told my husband that my space isn’t big enough and that I need to confiscate his workshop . . . doesn’t look like that will be happening anytime soon from the response I got.

Once that interior wall goes up (where the eight foot rafters are), my new space will be about 16’x18’ – double what I currently have, but . . . more space is always good!

I’m busy pouring over cabinet designs trying to create storage that will make the best use of the space without overwhelming it – cutting table with extensions and mounted on wheels so that it can be moved around plus storage underneath; lots of bookcases and storage along that back wall where the ladder is; large ironing surface with a flip-up extension and drawers; and the list goes on.  All of these will be custom built by my husband eventually – may be a couple of years before that happens so I will be making do with my mish-mash of what I currently use for a while.

I did opt to give up the six feet for the front porch so that I could spread out into that space  in the summer months and enjoy good weather.  I mulled over that decision for months, but eventually decided that a screened in space would be worth giving up studio space for.  Sure hope that was the right decision!!

I will still have my little space in the basement of the house to store some of the larger quilting items that I don’t use all of the time.  Who knows, maybe I’ll win the lottery some year and my Gammill long-arm can go down there :0))

Ricky Tims’ Super Quilting Seminar update:  Things are moving forward – his administration has made contact with the various quilt shops/guilds/groups in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and North Dakota.  They will be receiving information on the seminar so that they can pass on the information to all of their customers and members, so that no one will be left out.  Registration will likely open up sometime around the first part of September – it’s so hard to wait when all we want to do is get our name registered and on the list!!!

May, 2015 seems like such a long wait . . .

Patience is a virtue I’ve been told!

Friday, 18 July 2014

Ricky Tims is Coming North!!!

Announcement Photo

Needless to say, we have had an amazing week and the response has been overwhelming!

If you or your guild are anywhere within driving or flying distance of the International Peace Gardens, and would like more information, please send me an email at: and I’ll try and answer all of your questions.

This is still really fresh news and there are still lots of details that will be decided in the coming weeks, so please be patient.

Having a quilting celebrity (or two or three!) come this close to Canada is causing quite a stir in these parts . . . we are sure that there are some very excited people on the other side of the border in North Dakota as well.

I’ll try and keep everyone posted of some of the details as they are sent our way - registration has not yet opened for this Super Seminar.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Dream Studio Construction Underway!


As in many construction projects, trees needs to be sacrificed.  In the grand scheme of things we were pretty lucky to have to only remove three trees.  Our yard is covered with 40 – 50 oaks, so when choosing our building site we located it where the least amount of trees would need to be removed.  I love my trees!  Except when it’s time to rake all those leaves . . .


Tia is supervising all of the plans and most of the construction – her attention to detail is amazing and if things aren’t going quite right she lifts that big right paw and threatens a cuff on the ear!


All of the forms and compacted gravel are in place . . . that little jog there is where my screened porch will be.  I’m hoping that I won’t regret giving up 6’ of my sewing space for this porch, but after trying to do construction with all of the mosquitoes, I’m thinking it will be the right decision in the long run.  There is nothing worse than a lovely summer day and you can’t enjoy it because of the mosquitoes – at least now we can still sit out and be somewhat protected from these blood-sucking monsters.


Next up was the insulation, rebar and water lines for the in-floor heating . . .


then it was time for the cement to be poured . . .


then my back wall and side wall . . .


then some more walls.

I have been plugging away on a few quilting projects at the same time -


another gift quilt for a friend . . .


a sample for the Migrating Geese workshop that we did back in June and of course preparing for the upcoming Fall season . . .

Page 1

our Dresden Tea Party workshop scheduled for October 25 and 26th in Brandon, Manitoba.


We are offering many different versions and techniques for making the Dresden and registrations have been pouring in.


I’ve always loved the Dresden and there are now so many options for making this beautiful pattern that I’m torn as to which one to make . . .

Oh, please come back and visit soon . . . I will have some breaking news for a big “EVENT!!!!” coming in 2015 . . . stay tuned!