Sunday, 13 July 2014

Dream Studio Construction Underway!


As in many construction projects, trees needs to be sacrificed.  In the grand scheme of things we were pretty lucky to have to only remove three trees.  Our yard is covered with 40 – 50 oaks, so when choosing our building site we located it where the least amount of trees would need to be removed.  I love my trees!  Except when it’s time to rake all those leaves . . .


Tia is supervising all of the plans and most of the construction – her attention to detail is amazing and if things aren’t going quite right she lifts that big right paw and threatens a cuff on the ear!


All of the forms and compacted gravel are in place . . . that little jog there is where my screened porch will be.  I’m hoping that I won’t regret giving up 6’ of my sewing space for this porch, but after trying to do construction with all of the mosquitoes, I’m thinking it will be the right decision in the long run.  There is nothing worse than a lovely summer day and you can’t enjoy it because of the mosquitoes – at least now we can still sit out and be somewhat protected from these blood-sucking monsters.


Next up was the insulation, rebar and water lines for the in-floor heating . . .


then it was time for the cement to be poured . . .


then my back wall and side wall . . .


then some more walls.

I have been plugging away on a few quilting projects at the same time -


another gift quilt for a friend . . .


a sample for the Migrating Geese workshop that we did back in June and of course preparing for the upcoming Fall season . . .

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our Dresden Tea Party workshop scheduled for October 25 and 26th in Brandon, Manitoba.


We are offering many different versions and techniques for making the Dresden and registrations have been pouring in.


I’ve always loved the Dresden and there are now so many options for making this beautiful pattern that I’m torn as to which one to make . . .

Oh, please come back and visit soon . . . I will have some breaking news for a big “EVENT!!!!” coming in 2015 . . . stay tuned!

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Jennifer said...

You must be getting very excited......your studio will be great!