Sunday, 16 February 2014

Down on the Farm Workshop– October 2013

So . . .

to continue with my posts from last year . . .


In late October, 2013, As The Crow Flies Quilting Workshops hosted their annual Fall workshop and this year’s theme was Down on the Farm.  Fall is the perfect time of year for a theme like that and we sure enjoyed the smell of hay for the two day event that permeated the front entryway of the hall.


It takes the four of us hours and hours to set up the hall for these workshops . . . sometimes the wee hours of the morning or night will catch us hard at work!


The tables all need to be set up in just the perfect way, chairs positioned, cutting mats strategically placed, and decoration and inspiration placed in every nook and cranny that we can find.


All four of us go through our quilt stashes to see if we have items that fit in with each theme that we do . . . this year I found my pony pattern, my farm scene wall hanging and a few log cabin quilts from the past.  The little miniatures down on the floor are actually part of this year’s project offerings and the pattern can be found over at . . .

MODA Bake Shop


. . . together with the Star Log Cabin pattern.  Although I’m noticing that they still can’t get the pattern sheets to upload to their site – so feel free to contact me and I’ll send off the files to you.


We also encouraged registrants to dress up in their finest farm gear . . . not sure if this is “farm” or not, but I do have to wonder what was in that cup he’s she’s carrying!


Every workshop we do up a little giftie for everyone and this year the water bottle aprons was the perfect little pattern to make up for our 90 registrants . . . sure glad we can split the work four ways!!!  I’m not sure if I could have handled 90 aprons all by myself.


There was also a corner to set up some As The Crow Flies and Sipiweske patterns and samples – it sure brightened up an otherwise bare corner.

Cover Photo copy

This was one of the featured patterns for the weekend –  and this pattern is also available over at MODA Bakeshop.


This version has a paper pieced top panel and the log cabins are strip pieced.  It was a great project for beginners to sewing/piecing as well as for beginners to paper piecing – the larger pieces make it easier to put together.


Of course there is always room to make changes to any pattern and this version had the clouds and the trees placed differently than in the pattern . . . still looks awesome.  Plus the lights and darks on the log cabins can be changed around to give the bottom half a bit different look.

A N N O U N C E M E N T!!!!!



. . . the appliqu├ęd version of Down On The Farm!


I love this version . . . a bit whimsical . . . 


allows for lots of options . . .


and it looks fabulous in so many different color variations.

The pattern is available as a PDF and is listed in the right-hand column or click under Sipiweske Patterns along the top edge of the blog header.

I’ll be back shortly to update my life in November of 2013 . . . things never get slow around here!