Sunday, 21 April 2013

Quilt Show

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Nifty Needler’s Quilt Show on April 20th.  It was wonderful to see everyone again and to wander through the large venue that was filled to the brim with quilts and vendors.


One of the vendors was Copperfield Books from out of Winnipeg and it was absolutely amazing at how many books, DVDs, and kits that they had with them.  Every topic imaginable was represented . . . tatting, quilting, dolls, embroidery, beading, and on and on.  In most cases there were either kits or the tools available to tackle whichever hobby you wanted.  There was a whole display on the other side of the one in the picture as well as tables and display filled to the brim around the outside wall.  Amazing display!

You can visit them by clicking here.


Ants!!  How could I ignore those big ants?  Love them!!

There were so many quilts that it was hard to visit, shop and take pictures of all of them – my apologies to all of the talented gals who worked so hard!  I just couldn't get to everything.


Black and white is always striking and this one caught my eye . . . as did the lovely striped one there in the back – very nice.


And there is always a “show” quilt . . .


This was all embroidered and, I’m not sure, but possibly also hand quilted.  The patience and the talent must be applauded.


Ah . . . and then there were more vendors.  The photo above and the one below are both The Quilt Patch from Moose Jaw, SK.  I love their signature color style and their large block/large appliqué style . . . so fun!


Shelley and Jeanne have a new book “Tis the Autumn Season” coming out this June, as well as a new fabric line called Wallflowers that will be available any day.  Both of these are available by visiting the website link above.


I was so interested to see this quilt on display . . . I had been researching barns the other day and kept coming back to how striking this particular pattern was.  Was nice to see in “real life” – nicely done.


Shirley's Sewing Room

from Moosomin, SK is always so much fun.

Shirley is among one of my very favorite people . . . always a hug and a super warm smile every time I see her.  She is the first person who purchased my wholesale patterns way back in 2003 and she is an amazing educator to have on our phone list.


Sorry, I can’t remember who’s booth this was . . . I just loved the coffee theme that was front and centre.  Those colors get me every time!


And then there is the amazing Pauline from Mama Bear’s Quilt Shoppe from Ashern, Manitoba.  Pauline does not have a website but boy-oh-boy does she have fabric.  I love her backgrounds and some of the wonderful new lines that she brings in are amazing.  We’ve had Pauline join us for our last two As The Crow Flies quilt workshops, and we love her to bits!

I forgot to take pictures of my shopping adventures . . . let’s just say I won’t like my VISA when it comes . . .