Tuesday, 22 March 2011

3rd One Done!

Yes, this is the third out of nine that I have now completed.


As an art quilt I think it does make it’s own little statement.  It is going to hang in my laundry room which also has a yellow/gold (Dijon) colored wall.  You can never have too many cheerful things in a laundry room!


Moving on to other things that are progressing . . . this quilt is in the process of getting it’s final borders put on.  Lots of appliqué on those snowflakes . . . could take a while.


This PhD has gone from just a flimsy to a basted quilt – just another few big steps  further and we’ll add it to the pile too.

Have a great week!


Angie said...

I LOVE all three of those but especially the flowers blowing in the breeze and the pitcher of flowers. :)

greelyrita said...

As usual, great work!! On another topic, you use the word "flimsy". I started using this word from Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict. Suzanne at QuiltSewScrap in Australia is thinking about using it too and has posted wondering about whether we need to differentiate between quilt tops (often shortened to just quilt), quilting the process and the finished thing. I think we do. I am interested too in where this word, flimsy, came from and who uses it. I thought Sarah's area, Tennessee, uses it. You're in Manitoba. Do people say flimsy there? I'm in Ontario but no one says flimsy here that I know.

Jennifer said...

You have certainly been busy! I like that flower hanging, it really conjures up a windy day. Looking forward to seeing some work on the others too.

suz said...

Love the quilts, especially the "art" quilt.
I noticed the 2nd commenter spoke about "flimsy". I never heard that until I started reading blogs, although I don't recall where I read it. I do think it's a great descriptive word - so to whomever came up with it...kuddos!

ButtonMad said...

That quilt is far too pretty to be delegated to the laundry room - surely it should take pride of place in the living area!

Garden Forum said...

I love it, I super love it! The flowers are really nice! great post dear.