Tuesday, 8 March 2011

I’m Having Fun . . .

with a little squirrel – Henrietta to be exact.


What an absolute little sweetie to work with . . . always happy and chirpy, plus . . .


she has some pretty fun friends also!


Henrietta is one lucky gal – I know the squirrels in my backyard would like nothing better than a little red wagon to truck their little stashes from place to place.


So, yes – I know . . . on Sunday I should have been working on PhD’s and what-not's, but I just couldn’t resist getting a start on these little blocks that have been stacking up since January.  Lots of blanket stitching and embroidery to do on these before they are done but at least they are started.

If you haven’t already been over to Bunny Hill to get your free blocks I urge you to get over there!  I’ve also finally gotten around to putting Henrietta’s link over in the side bar if you happen to be looking for it later.


It’s also time for me to start looking for what type of border fabric I want to use for the Bunny Hill “Snowbound” quilt (see link in side bar). 


I was able to get all of these blocks sewn together last night finally and I LOVE IT!!!  Of course I didn’t have enough of the brown print to use for borders because it came out of my stash . . . now I will have to try and match it up with something that will work.  Shopping is half of the fun of quilting after all.  Right?!?!?!

Have a great rest of the week . . . I’m off to some non-quilting related convention and will be gone until the end of the week.  I hope you gets lots done while I’m away.


Myra said...

Your BOM projects are looking wonderful Marlene!!! Most awesome!!! Have a great week! 8-)

greelyrita said...

Wow! That snow man quilt would be so perfect for my friend who decorates with snowman stuff right after the Christmas decs comes down. You did such a nice job!! Is there a quick way to do those non-snowmen blocks? I always have a hard time with making seams match with those.

Karen said...

Your new Henrietta blocks are inspiring. Unfortunately, I just can't find time to start them. But I am saving the patterns.

QuiltNRN said...

I love your version and colorway of Snowbound. This is the inspiration I need to get started on these blocks. Definitely "outside of the box". Love it.

fiberdoodles said...

Too cute! I love Bunny Hill Designs!!

Jennifer said...

I missed your Henrietta blocks, we were away and I fell behind on blog reading! Aren't they so cute - I have been undecided whether to jump on the Henrietta bandwagon, but they look like fun blocks.