Monday, 9 June 2008

Joining in . . .

with Cinderberry Stitches in her color challenge.

Each day, for five days, you post pictures showing a specific color. I'm starting out of the gate rather slowly . . . Natalie started on Saturday. I actually started taking pictures on Sunday, but then my battery went dead on the camera . . . slowed me down just a tad!

Of course, at this point in my quiltmaking journey, Moda is my mostest favorite collectible fabric. Which, just by chance, includes some pinks.

Like I said, I'm collecting right now. I have yet to make a quilt that includes any large amount of pink . . . but I am thinking about it!

Looking around my sewing area, I was able to find a few pink things (besides Moda fabric!). This little sketch is one I did last Fall and it has pink.

And, then there is this little stack of handkerchiefs that was given to me a couple of years ago that I have just recently dug out of storage. What a girlie hankie this one was! Can't mistake that color as anything but pink.

And then there is this little dogwood flower that was on one of my challenge quilts - pink flowers on a black background are very striking.

Go back to the top of the page now and click on the link to Natalie's site . . . you can find wonderful inspiration everywhere on her site. Not very often I go back to view the beginning entries on a blog . . . but this one I have read every page . . . way to go Natalie!

I'll be back soon with day two of the color challenge . . .

'til next time,


1 comment:

Fer said...

Don't tell me you're going to break open the jelly roll! :D

I like the idea (and the link!). There's so many amazing blogs out there, my bookmarks list is very full but I just can't help it - too much inspiration is not a bad thing!

I'm looking forward to seeing more yummy colours. :o)