Thursday, 26 June 2008

Weather Watching . . .

This is the big weekend!

Everyone is watching the forecast for Saturday . . . hoping that there's not going to be 450 people stuck under a big white tent with the rain poring down. Could be cozy or just down right uncomfortable. Oh well, there are the beer gardens and lots of food, plus lots of people that haven't seen each other in quite some time. I'm sure that no matter the weather . . . MOST people will have a great time.

Personally . . . it's going to be a relief when everything is over! Wow, what a strain on the old stress level . . . trying to remember what all needs to be done and when it needs to be done by. Everything from displays, to cakes, to booklet publishing. logo design, pamphlet publishing, porta potties, meetings, etc. . . . all in addition to regular issues like gravel, culverts, detours, planning issues and weed control. How exciting a life this is?!?!?!

Eight more years . . . to retirement . . . so I'm told. Probably more like 28 years.

So, just to perk up my Thursday I thought I needed to see these little bloomies. This one is a little straw flower and this is the first time I've ever planted these. The blooms so far are really nice but the foliage needs to fill out a bit more to make me really happy.

This little painted flower is the ever wonderful standby - dianthus. Such little cuties mixed in with a whole bunch of lobelia.

This one I do know without looking it up . . . it is an perennial geranium. I remember this because it's always amazed me that it doesn't look anything like the real geraniums. These are great perennials to have around . . . the foliage forms a big globe shape and then sends out dozens of these purple (I also have a white one) blooms. Very cheery for a short while and then the foliage collapses under it's own weight and it needs to be clipped back.

Anyway . . . must run . . . millions of details to finalize today and tomorrow is even worse. So I hope everyone has a great weekend and I'll post again on Monday . . .
'til next time,


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Fer said...

Have a great time - I'm crossing my fingers the weather will be fine!

What you have got is a real geranium, as what is commonly known as geraniums are actually pelargoniums. Personally I love the geraniums, so dainty and sweet yet very hardy.