Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Weekend in Review . . .

Super busy . . . even too busy to take pictures!

Saturday started with the 125th Anniversary pancake breakfast and tour - both of which were excellent. Then it was a race for us to get the registration booth set up in another town, finish off some displays that hadn't been done and deal with a dozen other small (yeah, right!) issues that just happened to pop up.

One thing I did learn was never assume that people that say they are going to show up for a shift are really going to show up. At some points in time you can find people to fill in, but that wasn't always the case throughout the day. Had to do some mad scrambling, not to mention walking miles it seemed, to get the whole day to go as planned. From all reports everyone had a great time . . . the food was excellent, the entertainment was excellent, the displays were excellent, the fireworks were spectacular and even the mosquitoes behaved themselves until nightfall.

There were more than 500 registrants that signed the guest book, but we know there were many that just didn't stop by. The caterer indicated that he served more than 500 suppers and for a very small community I feel that we did very well - if I do say so myself.

My feet are starting to feel a bit better (two days later), but I'm still not sleeping that great . . . going over and over the conversations as to who is needing what and who wants to order that. I'm thinkin' the rest of the week is a right off.

I have finally made it to my sewing/computer room to do a bit of sewing and thought it was time to also do a quick little post to let everyone know I was still kicking (just not very high!).

The only pictures I have to share are from the garden again. Like I said . . . every time I look out there, there is something new to see . . . so therefore I will share with you.

Enjoy . . . and I'll be back in a couple more days,

'til next time,
(P.S. - Happy Canada Day!)


Myra said...

I just got caught up on your past post and this one. Sounds like you had a heck of a stressful week and weekend! Hopefully now that it is all over you can relax with your feet up, and some good reading or some simple stitch-work in your lap.
Hope your feet feel better and rested in no time!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Oh what beautiful pics of your garden! I felt very calm just looking at them. Myra told me to check out your blog; I'm glad I did!