Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Brillante Weblog Premio - 2008 Award goes to . . .

The five wonderful bloggers that I have chosen are (in no particular order) :

Jennifer at Life's Just A Ferball in Tasmania, Australia. I first checked out Jennifer's blog because I liked the name so much! Being a cat lover myself it was hard not to check out a site with that name and then I found out what a busy lady she is. Stop by and say hello to her!

Nancy in Norway has had me on her list for quite some time. There is always something new on her sewing table and lots of good pictures to inspire us. Thank you, Nancy!

Jennifer from Manitoba and lives only an hour or so away from me but we've never met. Yet! I'll be needing to make a little trip over your way one of these days to check out your digs and some of those jelly rolls and fat 1/4's . . . plus I do need some quilt tops quilted . . . might need to make that trip sooner than later!

Joyce at J's Quilting Blog in Manitoba also. I love her view on life . . . "WOO HOO What A Ride!" Joyce lives less than two hours away from me and hopefully we will meet at a quilting "thing" one of these fine days. Joyce lives in a beautiful part of Manitoba (although all of Manitoba is beautiful!) and the pictures of her corner of the world are nice to see. Check out her views on life and also take a peek at all the projects she is working on.

Natalie also from Australia. Natalie is so inspiring to me . . . she doesn't post near enough as far as I'm concerned. I joined in her Color Challenge a few weeks ago and had a great time photographing only one color per day - need more challenges similar to that where the focus is on doing one particular thing. Keep up the great work Natalie and congratulations on the October news!

Vivian from California is a wonderful free hand machine quilter and does beautiful work. She's also quite the little traveller! I wish she lived closer to me so that she could machine quilt all my quilt tops . . . beautiful work! Plus she has beautiful children that lead interesting lives and it's always fun to check in to see what is going on in California.

Now, the way I understand this award is that each person who receives it, needs to award it to five bloggers that they feel are worthy of the Brillante Weblog Premio Award. Let me tell you . . . it's hard to narrow it down to only five. Good luck ladies!

Thank you to these five ladies for providing me with inspiration and entertainment! And thank you to all those other wonderful bloggers out there that I was just unable to squeeze into this one little post.

'til next time,



Vivian Love said...

Wow! Thanks for the nomination!

Myra said...

Just checked out your choices! Lovely blogs... I especially like Vivian's! Wow!
Happy stitchings!