Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Chocolate you say? . . .

Natalie has deemed the fourth day of the color challenge to be "Chocolate".

The first thing I thought of was this little collection that I bought a couple of years ago to make pillows for my daughter - she wasn't all that impressed! With the idea or the fabric, I can't remember which. Personally I love the prints and will eventually use them - maybe not for pillows though.

Some of you have already seen my Whimsicals fabric collection, but I couldn't resist bringing it out again for the chocolate challenge.

And of course you must have a peak into another one of my scrap drawers!

Not exactly "chocolate" but a creamy chocolate beige, with a few other goodies mixed into the pile. Plaids . . . yeah, I have plans for those too - it's for a Christmas quilt if I remember correctly.

I need your help with this one. My step-mom gave me these two beautiful, soft fur hats. I guess she thought I could use them for something! What I want to know is whether there would be enough material, with both hats combined, to make a little teddy bear. Anyone out there in blogland know the answer? Imagine the light color for the insides of his ears, paws, foot pads and his nose - maybe even his tummy and the rest in the deep, deep chocolate color. Please email me if you can help me.

Ah, the proverbial brown envelope . . . taxation division even! How ominous is this? Guess I better go open it . . . hope I'm not in the red . . .
'til next time,

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Fer said...

Mmmmm chocolate!

I like the idea for the hats becoming bears, unfortunately I've never tried this myself. Sorry!