Thursday, 12 June 2008

I'm in the RED!

Day five of the color challenge - final day for me . . . I believe most people finished yesterday. That's me - just a little slow on the uptake there!

Of course there is the red MODA tin that one of my beautiful jelly rolls came in.

As if the front of the tin isn't pretty enough, they also decorated the bottom of the tin with one of the fabric prints! How much richer red can you ask for?

For this picture I just opened up my fabric cupboard and took a snap. I try to keep stacks of the same color in nice (not so neat!) piles. That way I can just open the cupboard and quickly scan for a certain tone of whatever color I'm looking for.

I believe that these wonderful prints are by Buggy Barn - love them too much to cut into them. You know how some reds are just so warm and scrumptious that the only thing they are really good for is to look at . . .

And, of course, I opened my scrap drawer again just to show you some of my little leftovers.
This little trinket was my Mom's and was always sitting next to her machine when I was a kid. She made all of our clothes and just about everything else for the home. The only thing she never made was a quilt . . . not sure where I picked up the bug for quilting . . . but definitely learned how to sew at my mother's knee.
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