Monday, 2 June 2008

Disappointing . . .


Nowhere near as satisfying as last weekend. Lots more housecleaning, yard work and even a tiny bit of baking thrown in. Not my idea of a great weekend.

Here is a pic of my little sweetheart . . . sixteen years old and cute as a button. Just a little bit of the posing thing going on here. She was sleeping in front of the quilt on the front step until I popped around the corner to take her picture - I do wish the sun was shining just a tiny bit brighter. This little gal has the personality that I wish most humans would - just a joy to be around.
She always comes off as grouchy in her photos though - she really does have a shiny personality underneath that gruff exterior - honest!
A few posts back I mentioned that this little quilt was going to be on display all summer on my front step to "comply" with the Quilted In Color theme that was chosen by the Communities In Bloom committee. So far the only other house with anything quilted is a little cushion on someones willow chair on their front porch. I'll take a better picture once the plants grow down over the top a bit more.

Bleeding heart flowers are so very interesting. What a unique little shape. I had a beautiful white one also, but alas, this year it didn't show up.

I'll have to add that to another shopping list . . . I really liked the white one better than the pink . . . just a bit different.
I did manage to turn the sewing machine on long enough to applique around a couple of shapes, but that was it. I never did get back to do more.
Not looking good for the rest of the week either - meeting tonight, tomorrow night and possibly Wednesday . . .

'til next time,


Myra said...

Nice quilt from what I can see of it! Love your cat's eyes!

Fer said...

Awww, what a sweetie. I love Tortoiseshells. The quilt looks lovely too!