Saturday, 31 May 2008

Inspired by . . .

This is such a wonderful time of year . . . you can find me lurking in greenhouses and just inhaling that wonderful smell of things growing.

These cheerful little blooms (don't remember the name) were bought to plant at the front of our office. Trying to get the place all spruced up for the 125th Anniversary on June 28th - the countdown is on - less than a month. The thing about this little blossom was the edges of the petals . . . each one looks almost exactly alike - like little cookie cutter petals . . . PLUS . . . it is sooooooooo soft - not hard edges on this beauty.

Unlike the two top pictures that were taken in beautiful sunshine, this little lovely was trying to encourage the sunshine to come out. If you look closely you can see the little mud splatters on her petals - the rain was very much appreciated. I believe this perennial is called "anemone" or something like that - it self seeds all over and blooms in the spring as early as those little iris' I showed you a couple of posts ago. This little compact plant is absolutely covered with this happy little white blooms - love it! It really kills me to have to dig out all those little self seeded plantlings, but this one would really take over if you ignored it.

and, then, the inspiration to try drawing a pretty little bloomer of my own. The last few mornings before I head off to work, I've been doodlin' some little blooms. My tulips had a bad year for some reason so why not sketch one out to enjoy. The camera was set on sepia or some weird thing and this turned out just a bit dreary - but, really, can any bloom ever be completely dreary?

I'm still playing with this strange (for me) colored fabric. I have all the applique border laid out, ready to iron in place and then stitch down. My little yo yo's or "Suffolk puffs" are definitely going to be forming part of the finished quilt - great for hiding stitching that maybe could have been better - but you didn't hear that from me! All my joins met perfect . . .

'til next time,


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