Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Missing Out . . .

Yeah, that's me . . . always missing out!

I know that sounds a bit depressing, but sometimes that's how it feels . . . missing out . . .

Right here, in this very spot, marked with an X

. . . X . . .

is my wonderful, pretend photo of a MOOSE!

Yup, that's it . . . and here, at the other X

. . . X . . .

are the ELK, pretending to frolic in the field.

Now if I didn't forget to take my camera along with me everywhere I go, I would have had these wonderful pictures to share with you!

We were coming home from "the City" on Saturday night and there he was, heading right towards the road . . . the MOOSE! We could have sat there with the camera zoomed in on him until he got close enough for that poster perfect shot - if I'd had the camera, of course.
Then on Sunday, Mother's Day, I went to visit my Mom (in the Ninette Cemetery), and came upon about eight or so Elk - right next to the road - would have been a perfect picture also.
In the area where I live, Moose and Elk are not frequently seen (at least by me), so it's a big deal to see them and an even bigger deal to miss taking their photo!
And, . . . speaking of Mother's Day, I hope all those Mom's out there had a good day. Once again, I'm feeling like I'm missing out . . . for the past nine years I go to the cemetery to say hello, have a cup of coffee and leave a few flowers. I miss her every day, but especially on Mother's Day.

So while I'm talking about cemeteries . . . and because I am on so many different committees for the 125th Anniversary of the R.M. of Oakland - we took a tour of some of the areas in the municipality yesterday and took pictures of the cemetery gates to use for the display boards.

The history that is being compiled, the maps that have been found and the stories that are being told . . . are fabulous! The interesting information that I have learned and have somehow mushed up in my brain somewhere is amazing.

These are two of the six cemetery gates that we will be needing for the June 28th celebrations. Still a few more miles to put on before I'm done . . . wish the price of gas was cheaper.

Thought I'd also include this little schoolhouse photo. What would the kids of today think about going to school in this? Imagine how much complaining there would be getting to this little school in the mode of transportation that was used back then.

And . . . because I am a quilter from the Prairies, I wanted to slip in this little quilt pattern that I made a few years ago. Elevators, barns and little houses with picket fences are getting harder and harder to find anywhere.

And, this little quilt is called Marean Lake - I have just booked our weekend there for July 18-21 . . . looking forward to lots of visiting with my brother and family, some R&R, a little night golfing (no one can see how bad I am at golfing if it's dark out!) and some peaceful, soothing lake views to soak up. Looking forward to it.
P.S. Marean Lake is located up in Northern Saskatchewan and is a little lake tucked way far away - very nice though!
I showed you these two quilts because, true to my subject line, I'm missing out on quilting too. This past weekend I didn't do anything creative because our deck needed two coats of stain I was told. Not my idea of a good weekend . . . didn't enjoy staining the deck and really didn't enjoy the Mother's Day thing.
But . . . I'm really looking forward to a better weekend coming up. A long weekend, plus a freshly stained deck to relax on, plus plans for some creativity that hopefully won't be interrupted. Here's hoping . . .
'til next time,

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Fer said...

Night golf? Sounds like a laugh to me!

Have you got a camera on your phone? I'm lazy about taking my good camera everywhere but the camera phone takes fairly good photos if the need arises.