Thursday, 1 May 2008

Olympian Sighting . . .

When you attend a municipal convention you really don't know what kind of people are lined up for workshops and motivational sessions and how that presenter will be received.

This year we had the wonderful opportunity to meet and be inspired by Joan McCusker who played third on the Sandra Schmirler team that won the gold medal in women's curling at the 1998 Nagano Olympics. Turns out that Joan's cousin was a municipal administrator and was able to put the convention committee in touch with Joan, who now does motivational speaking as well as a curling commentator for CBC Sports.

Joan presented a lively presentation entitled "Ordinary People Do Extraordinary Things" and I wish everyone had the opportunity to listen to her message. She is a very bubbly and extremely funny presenter and the hour and a half just flew by. She very graciously passed her medal around the room and encouraged everyone to try it on or take pictures - what an interesting feeling to hold her gold medal. I know I'll never be winning an Olympic medal of any kind and it really was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

After all that excitement, I got to drive two hours home by myself and decided to snap a few photos as I went. It was a cloudy kind of day so nothing is very bright, but this particular shot is very interesting in the wintertime, if your view point is just a little bit to the left. At that angle it really does appear that the snowmobiler is banking his machine off the roof. I imagine that there were a few brews being tipped back when the guy(s) thought of this.

This tree struck me as being a little deformed - probably due to the many windy, weird days that Manitoba has. Why would it grow so much different from one side to the other? Weird!

This is Wawanesa's newest restaurant - that we still haven't had the opportunity to visit . . . soon I hope. As you drive into the valley this is one stand-out building - I understand that he tried to name it "The Red Barn" but that name was already taken - too bad, I say. If the name fits . . .

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