Sunday, 27 April 2008

Off and away . . .

Convention time again . . . seems like that's all I've done in April! Two days last week, three days this week . . . how much conventioning does one need?

Didn't get any quilting done this weekend - off to the City all day Saturday and then getting ready for the bigger City on Sunday and travelling in. My daughter, Candace, and I ordered supper in and tomorrow night we will be doing the restaurant thing with my son, Brennan.

The little Church shown above is a little used one that is located in Wawanesa, Manitoba. I loved the steeple so had to get a shot of that and the red door.

Simplicity by 3Sisters for Moda - 12 fat 1/4's of loveliness.

Dandelion Girl by FigTree for Moda - even more loveliness.

I brought my design books along with me to the hotel room, so hope to get in some designing so that I can use this little beauties. I also have my embroidery, drawing and watercolor books along for the ride - just in case I get inspired for something different than designing . . .

'til next time,


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