Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Vacation - Day 2

Of course the further South we went the more snow geese we saw - great huge flocks of geese everywhere. Kinda hard to take moving pictures of geese but I think you get the idea . . . fields and fields of white. Quite the sight!

This was supposed to be a quick picture of a very interesting looking sky - which it kinda is, but to me it turned out being more of a typical small town America scene. Definitely a slower pace of life in this small town - more my speed.

This cozy little shop is located in Jamestown, ND on a very quiet street that almost seems to be heading out of town. Randy thought for sure that we were on the wrong road and was ready to give up the search! Thank goodness we kept going that little extra bit and didn't miss out on the lovely visit and some more of the books to add to my collection. Trish, the owner, was just getting ready to pack up and head over to Minot, ND for their big quilt show. (I've since heard that it was a wonderful show!)

Instead of staying in Jamestown we decided to carry on to Mitchell, SD which was a fair trek from Jamestown. We felt it was much too early to stop for the day so we continued on. Luckily we did as a huge snow storm came through and, as I understand it, all of the towns North of Mitchell recieved quite a large amount of snow. This is a picture of the interstate just outside our hotel window in Mitchell - they did get some snow but nothing too serious - thank goodness.

As you travel through these towns you find out things that you never knew before. Mitchell, SD has a Corn Palace! How weird and interesting is that? I don't have the pamphlet with me as I'm typing this, but it is amazing how each year they split corn cobs in half and nail them to the sides of the building, as well as grasses and other natural fibers. It was still snowing alot when we were there so it was not exactly good picture taking weather and I didn't want to be standing outside for too long because I would get soaked through. Do a google on the Corn Palace - really interesting! There was also a doll museum and other points of interest that would have been great to see, but alas, it was not to be.

This rather large animal is advertising a restaurant and I couldn't help but get his photo. Rather noticeable advertising, don't you think!

Ah! . . . Another quilt shop! This is where I found some of my charm fabrics and also a really nice little pattern to use for charms. Can't wait to work on this little beauty.

And . . . next door was this little shop - "The Little Red Hen" - sorry about the reflections, but that was the only way I could get a picture. Look at the little foot prints going acorss the front of the building - adorable! Full of great gift ideas that every traveller is looking for.

Once again as you're driving along you never know what's going to crop up over the next ridge. How unique and different is that? Little people and a long horn steer? What's with the hammer? You just never know when to keep that old camera in your hand!

Charm squares from Blackbird Designs, plus the background that was purchased at another shop with no clear plan as to why I was buying it other than it was a good backgrounder. Turns out it is also a Blackbird Design print!

More charm squares by Sandy Gervais - can't wait to find some time to myself to play with some of these prints. Maybe this weekend . . . oops!, forgot . . . have a little quilt showing to attend on Saturday - maybe I can play with fabric on Sunday.

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