Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Amazing . . .

Have a look at these wonderful pieces . . . I was enthralled with the amount of detail that each of these pieces has. I would love a couple of these in my front and back yard . . . not likely to happen though!

Please ignore the lady in the blue coat - she just wouldn't move out of the way! Those two little kids just look like they're having so much fun - the artist captured the moment with these two.

This one reminded me of a little Shetland pony we had when I was growing up . . . stubborn and determined through and through.

I thought that this sculpture was positioned in the most appropriate spot . . . grasses, trees and then that little bit of greenery. I guess the city background isn't quite the right thing, but it was a very beautiful piece.

Quite the little storyteller this little guy was! The details were awesome.

Frolicking in the snow - they look so happy.

And, last but not least, a mosquito - I swear they are this big in Manitoba!
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