Wednesday, 2 April 2008

More Vacation . . .

This is the weather we came back into Canada with -it seems as though we took the bad weather with us and then turned around and also brought it home. This photo was taken on Saturday evening as we came across the border.

As we headed North the snow got heavier and heavier - thank goodness we didn't have to go any further North than Wawanesa. Some folks received a lot more of the wet, sticky stuff than we did.

This was our hotel in Sioux Falls, SD - the most memorable part was the bartender in the bar! He was quite the character - magic tricks, card tricks and he just created a really friendly and relaxing atmosphere - highly recommend the bar!

Sioux Falls currently is currently displaying wonderful sculptures all through the downtown areas. Tomorrow I will post some photos that show off these very amazing pieces. As you can see this guy is larger than life and very detailed. Wait 'till you see the others!

Another quilt store!!! Wonderful little spot . . . I was able to find some wonderful fabrics at sale prices here and also cleaned off a few bolts for them.
I discovered the only reason Randy was letting me stop at so many quilt shops was because then I had to (dragging and hissing, of course!) hang out in Irish Pub's! This particular one was gorgeous . . . beautiful copper ceilings and dark stained wood, wonderful appetisers and of course the beer tasted not too bad either. As a weird converted Canadian it seemed really strange when people were smoking in restaurants and pubs . . that really took some getting used to. This particular pub had ash trays on the bar but we did not see anyone light up - the Irish Pub we had supper in the previous night was like eating in a blue haze - not used to that anymore! Most of the chain restaurants also did not allow smoking - although I didn't see any signs. The smaller establishments must have a choice.

We managed to hit a 2 for 1 Happy Hour - looks really silly having that many drinks on the table for two people! Oh, well . . . someone had to do it . . . and it was half price!

And this is the Comedy Club where we laughed ourselves silly. Met a wonderful couple from Sioux Falls that sat at our table and had a wonderful visit - could have visited longer but the staff cleared the place out really fast after the show because they had to get ready for the second showing. I've never been to a comedy club before and found it very interesting and of course absolutely hilarious.

This is the funny guy we went to see - he even posed for me after he autographed our CD. I know, I know . . . the picture is a little fuzzy . . . but, hey, I was probably still laughing. I hope Canada can get this guy up here for some shows - he is a hoot!
His name is Jon Reep and he won the Last Comic Standing show that was on TV last year . . . PLUS . . . I found out on the trip down to SD that he is the "hemi guy" off the Dodge commercials. Remember when the Dodge truck pulls up at the stop light and this guy leans out his window and yells "Has that thing got a hemi?" - plus other commercials also for Dodge.
I started a new quilt project this morning before I left for work. I couldn't wait any longer to open one of those little charm square packages! I did make myself finish an old project first though - keep you posted on the progress . . .
'til next time,

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