Friday, 25 April 2008

End of the week . . .


Of course there are no flowers in bloom here . . . just snow, ice, wind, muck and cold! Early Spring storms remind us that winter really was just here and not wanting to leave just yet. Last week everyone was running around in t-shirts and shorts and this week all the winter gear is out again. But . . . I'm glad we don't have some of the storms the rest of the world gets - we are very lucky here in Manitoba -

even with the early morning gloominess.

The pretty flowers were for my Assistant to honor "Administrative Professionals" day on Wednesday. Courtney is so organized and I wanted her to know that she is appreciated - everyone should get flowers at least once a year, plus a million thank you's every week!

As promised . . . here are some of my stack-n-whack blocks. I managed to get 12 made this week - the pattern only required 9 - what an over-achiever I am!

and . . . of course I'm only going to show you closeups of the ones that worked very nicely in the center. There are two out of the twelve that I would like to redo the centers on, but I'm also concerned about how much they will stretch if I take them apart. So I've talked myself into just leaving well enough alone.

If this quilt ever gets quilted and binding done - I will be giving it away. These are definitely not my colors! I think when I was shopping for this workshop I was craving Spring . . . plus I was limited to finding a print of some kind that would lend itself to being cut apart and then put back together to form these unique designs. I do like it - just not for me.

Let's all go to the North Pole (seems like we're already there this week)! I've been working on some more Christmas/Winter designs and having fun with it. Another snowman? Imagine that!

And a little Teddy, too. See - I can make other things besides snowmen.

Can you see this as an applique design? Could be quite interesting I thought . . .

'til next time,


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