Saturday, 5 April 2008

New Toys . . .

. . . but first, a couple of final photos of Sioux Falls, SD . . .

Even though it was the end of March when we were at Falls Park the views were wonderful. Some of the locals were telling us that during the Christmas holidays the Falls were lit up with lights and was a real draw for the holiday crowds.

I thought the stone was really nice - the shades of it were very interesting. That warm terracotta kind of color.

Very nice place to visit and we picked an excellent time to go - hardly saw any visitors. Although I was asked to take a couple's picture and in return they took ours - but, alas, my personal pictures never turn out and always end up in the archives to never be seen again.

For some reason we liked this view - the way those twin steeples are peeking over the wall and how they are framed by the trees on either side. In the summer the view would be mostly blocked out by the leaves - good tourist shot!

And here are some of my new toys. Nothing fancy - just new and different for me. The pretty little green pail and the larger yellow pail are for the Crabapple Hill pattern you see there. It's called Flower Basket Gathering Pail and has beautiful embroidery on the outer layer and little pockets for all those little quilting tools we use - scissors, pens, rulers, hoops, etc. With the embroidery part of the project I'll be able to have that as a take-along for little trips here and there and hopefully once that is done the rest will go together pretty easy. There's also a little matching pattern for a needlecase that could be a good warm-up project.

I also found this little pattern made up as a sample in one of the quilt shops I was in - it was done up so nicely that I just had to try this for myself. It's coming along quite nicely . . . I had the snowman done in no time, but have slowed down going around the border. What a nice little change from the usual and I think when it's done I'll finish it as a framed picture or as a pillow and have it on standby for an extra Christmas gift.

I finally purchased my own pressing sheet - could make some of my applique projects a bit easier. Looking forward to breaking this little item in real soon!

I found my yo-yo makers! Still haven't been home long enough to try these little gadgets out, but have read lots of "good" things about them. I'll keep you posted.

And . . . I purchased The SideWinder for 40% off - thanks Sheila for the coupon! This little item and I are still fighting it out - I'm either not doing something right or it's being obstinate - but I hope to come out victorious eventually. I was a little "taken aback" by the cheapness of this thing - lots of little hard plastic pieces - reminds of a children's toy that usually breaks in next to no time.

If anyone out there has one of these things and has any pointers, drop me a line!

'til next time . . .



Fer said...

Wow, looks like you had a wonderful trip! Great photos too.

So there's no smoking in Canadian pubs too? It's the same here and I love it. We're regulars at our local Irish pub, my husband loves Guinness!


Anja said...

Good post.