Sunday, 13 April 2008

Gardening and Quilting . . .

As I had previously mentioned in an earlier post . . . the local "Communities In Bloom" committee has designated the 2008 theme to be "Quilted In Color". I think this is a fabulous theme - fits into both of my perfect little worlds!

So last Saturday, the Communities in Bloom committee hosted a luncheon, quilt show and three gardening presenters. One of those presenters was from the Lily Nook from Neepawa, Manitoba and it was a very interesting and educational presentation on lilies.
Of course I know that most plants have many, many varieties, but I had no idea that there were that many lilies in the world! These folks also brought over some lily bulbs to sell and I purchased the one shown on the front cover, as well as a very similar one in pale pink and another in the yellow. I have some single lilies but have never had double lilies like these ones. These little bulbs are sitting patiently in my fridge crisper, just waiting for the ground to thaw just a little bit more before planting. By July, I hope to have some wonderful pictures to show you!
See the website address there - take a peek and see what you think . . . they ship all over the world and the varieties are endless.

Now . . . the quilt show.
There were quite a few quilts brought in that certainly added to the color of the room. The Hall is quite large and when you only have a luncheon and a few speakers, the room looks pretty empty. It was a great idea on the part of the committee to incorporate the quilts . . . it really added to the whole day.
So, sit back and enjoy the show . . .

Of course, these were only some of the quilts on display - I wasn't the official photographer and didn't want to appear to know what I was doing - so these were only a few of the beautiful quilts that were displayed.

I'm taking today and Tuesday off from work and I have lots planned for these two days . . . so I better get to work!
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