Monday, 21 April 2008

Wine and Quilts . . .

Friday night was wine tasting night! Our little community hosted a small gathering of very refined people (ha!) to participate in a little wine tasting session hosted by the local recreation district and the Liquor Control Commission.

Food and wine go very well together - especially when you sampled some of those very "distinctive" wines that puts a look on your face like when you down a dose of bad tasting cough medicine. Food is very good! Of course, not all of the samples were questionable - some were very, very tasty. Quite the experience . . . try attending a wine tasting session if you get the opportunity . . . even if you go just to see the weird faces other people make.

Saturday was a quilt workshop with my quilt group in Brandon. We were learning the stack and whack method. Wow! What a huge spectrum of different blocks you can get from one print of fabric - who knew? The preparation part took quite a bit of exact thought, but then once the fabric was whacked the pieces went together fairly quickly - as long as you didn't stretch the bias edges.

This was Sheila's blocks that she had completed by the end of the day - a wine print fabric that provides a bunch of different "spins" (no pun intended) on the same fabric.
Do you see a theme developing for my weekend . . . wine tasting and then Sheila's wine fabric? What can I say - wine is very, very fine!

I'll show you some of my blocks next time - I have five done so far . . .
'til next time . . .

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Fer said...

Ooo, as soon as I saw the title my eyes lit up. Wine and quilts - perfect!!

Tasting nights can be fun, especially with some local cheeses as well.

I love the effect of that stack and whack method but never tried it. Always makes me think of Jinny Beyer quilts.