Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Spring . . .

is finally here! Seems like we've waited for a long time for it to come.

Every spring we always say that the past winter was the coldest on record . . . as Manitobans we should be able to come up with a new comment. Personally if I didn't need to go out of the house, I'd love winter. Lots of time to quilt, draw, paint, quilt some more, and then start all over. Would be the perfect life! No meetings, no stray dogs, no dust control, no taxes . . . life would be grand!

This pretty little iris is from a batch of plants that my quilting friend Doreen gave me last year. These are miniature from the usual big iris . . . and I'm lovin' them - there is a huge patch of them in my perennial garden and they are the only thing in bloom so far. Quite pretty!

Of course I'd always have my best welcome sign hung out at the front door . . . just to let all my wonderful little visitors feel more welcome.

My son painted this little birdhouse many, many years ago. I think maybe he was nine or ten at the time. Just look at the evil little kitty grin painted next to the welcome! My welcome sign would look a bit different than this one. Every time I walk past this little birdhouse I have to smile to myself . . . are kids creative or evil? Different views on that one I bet!

The wire covering is to keep out the cats. Who'd have thought we'd have an issue with cats from almost the time the structure was hung? It solved the problem anyway.

This big bud was just so furry looking that I needed to take a picture of it. This was a gift from a my wonderful friend Joyce quite a few years ago. Seemed their dog kept sleeping on the plant and they were scared it would completely die out, so this piece was one of the ones broken off by the dog and was gifted to me. I don't know the exact name of it, other than that I think it is possibly a Japanese peony - anyone help me out with the name?

Cherry blossoms - must be almost Spring! (Had to take this photo carefully to avoid getting those beautiful yellow dandelions in the background - hate those things!).

And . . . this just seems to be reaching for the sun and basking in the warmth. Looks like two hands cupped together praying for more sunshine. How neat is that?

Now for the fun part of Spring . . . bright, colorful, cheerful FABRIC.

I couldn't choose a favorite photo - they were all so cheerful that I just had to include a few shots.

This collection is from Sandy Gervais (for Moda)(of course) and is called Fresh Squeezed.

I've even been inspired to do some doodlin'. Who knows where that will lead.

Waiting for another weekend so I can do some more creating with this beautiful fabric. Trouble is I'd have to cut into it . . . not sure if I'm ready for that yet. Maybe I'll just doodle some more . . .

'til next time,


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