Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Who Me? Not likely . . . but it sure is fun to try something new!
Here is my newest little purchase - at 40% off, how could I pass it by. Look at all those tiny little colors . . . just waiting to be mucked up.

I'm lovin' these paints . . . the colors are so much clearer than my other brand I have. If you feel like a dabblin' in some watercolours, give the Cotman by Winsor Newton a try. Using a 40% off coupon from Micheals also helps out with the purchase.

Now don't laugh, but this is one of the "practice" pictures I toiled away on. Looks not bad from a distance . . . at least I think you can tell what kind of flower that is? Can't you?

This painting was done a month or so ago, with the old watercolours - still not too bad . . . parts I like, parts I'd like to redo. Don't think that is possible in watercolours so much - just a thought.
I'd love to find time to take actual lessons. My financial advisor says eight years to retirement (if I do everything he says!) . . . then maybe lessons will be in order. Maybe this Fall instead of quilt club I'll take up watercolour classes at the Art Gallery in Brandon . . . I can still quilt at home and go for workshops. I'll need to consider my options . . . come Fall, of course.
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