Monday, 27 September 2010

Workin’, workin’ in an Autumn Wonderland


Well this project is the one thing doesn’t fit in with the rest of this post – figured it better go first and get it out of the way!

The colors in this little flower are geared towards Spring and Summer but this is definitely a project that I’ve been working away at this past week.  Lots more buttons to come . . . I’ll keep you posted as to when the big reveal will be.

It’s been so cloudy, gloomy and rainy around here that taking photos (at least for me!) is almost impossible.  Having a bit of fog roll in certainly doesn’t help the brightness factor.


Look at all the beautiful leaves though . . . it’s really too bad that they eventually will all need to be raked up.


That gold color is gorgeous and should really be used in a quilt, don’t you think?


Maybe we should throw a little bit of red and green in there as well.


All of these nice earthy colors have ended up in the quilt that I’ve just finished quilting.  Might be a Christmas present but I’m not sure about that just yet.  Sure looks really, really good on my sofa right now.  In three weeks I’ll be showing you the finished quilt . . . hope I can find time to do the binding before then!


And this brings me to showing you the weird, weird things that are growing on our lawn.  Well I suppose these aren’t quite that weird, but these . . .


are just kinda gross – fungi heaven, I guess – let’s pretend they are little bubbles or something cute.


There’s a little bit of prancin’ going on in the sewing room lately also.  This one is just about ready to be layered up and quilted and then ready for show and tell in three weeks.  No deadlines in my life right now!


I just hope those leaves can stay on the trees until AFTER all my deadlines have been reached.  Sure would hate to take time out to go and rake.

Anyone out there looking for a great outdoor job?  Payment would have to be in quilts though!

Have a great week everyone.


Jennifer said... your fall pics....we don't have proper fall in Australia. I had a little taste of Canadian fall (and pumpkin muffins) in Ontario last year and it was lovely!

Annette said...

Love your fall (autumn) pics! We have just arrived in Spring here in Australia so everything is growing beautifully and the weather is warming up.Your quilt looks like it's reflecting fall perfectly.

Heather said...

Your little sneak peaks look lovely and intriguing... can't wait to see more! Lovely fall pics... I love when we get fall here and just doesn't go from Summer to Winter... didn't you know all those mushrooms are parts of faerie rings that the quilting faeries just didn't have time to finish making because they were too busy replenishing their fabric stash instead getting ready for the next quilt.... they are their UFO's!!! (Just in case you didn't already know... I love faeries)...LOL, VBG! Hugs.

Myra said...

Wonderful Fall photos!
Wow what mushrooms!!! I had to pick them around here first thing in the morning, all through the summer, so that Miss Ruby fur-girl didn't get to them first. (Poisonous????)
Wonderful quilt projects you've given a peek of... Looking forward to seeing more... 8-)