Saturday, 4 September 2010

Apes and Muffins . . .

I know!  I am such a bad blogger and a bad quilter too!


The extent of my “sewing” this past week has been to repair this wonderful character . . . a golf-club cover of all things!


Good news is that he is all set for his Fall appearance on the golf courses.  Sure glad that repairing things is not something most quilters need to do – but people always assume that because we know how to quilt that we will love fixing anything with a needle and thread.  Boy are they wrong!!!


I did manage to squeeze in some baking with my new ‘muffin top’ pans – pumpkin spice muffins even . . . wow the smell in the house was awesome.


A person needs to bake these every day of the week - trouble is someone would also need to eat that many in a week . . . not around here.  We’re not really '”sweet” eaters, so baking is a rare occurrence in this house.  Maybe I just need to bake them when I know that company is coming over :)


We also made some mini carrot cupcakes – obviously some were minier (is that a word!) than others.

K – enough with the food stuff, I’m off to do some machine quilting.  Have a great weekend everyone!


Karen said...

I just had to see what apes & muffins were all about. Quite a combination for a blog post!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

Love the golf club cover, does he have a name? LOL
Where did you get your muffin top muffin pan? I've been wanting one for ages!!!