Monday, 13 September 2010

Where Are My Pins?!?!?

The place is a mess!

It’s no wonder I can’t locate my little tiny appliqué pins . . . they could be hiding just about anywhere.


Are they on this end of the table or that end of the table.  I know that I had seen them just the other day – how far could they have really gotten?  I really need them so that I can move on with my new recipe – what’s a good recipe without all the ingredients?


I checked in the fish bowl with the thread and they weren’t there.  I also looked in some of those bins of UFOs – they weren’t in there either.


I stood back and took a little broader look to see if something would jog my memory.

And it did!  Not sure what it was, but I remembered I had put them here - 


so that I wouldn’t lose them.  How handy and organized was that?  Such a safe little place to tuck away the little tools we use.

Next time I’ll start in the “safe” places and then branch out.

Do you think maybe I should finish some projects soon and do a clean up?


Annette said...

Hi Marlene,
It is so annoying isn't it when you put something in a safe place and then can't find it!! Your workplace looks very productive.

Wendy said...

Oh goodness! That's something I'd do! Beautiful work going on in your productive workroom!!

paulette said...

I don't know about any mess...but I DO see some dang cute works in progress!! Are those reindeer flying across that little quilt? VERY cute!!

Jennifer said...

Did you find my packet of flower head pins while you were looking? Haven't seen them for years.....didn't even find them when we moved house.....I know they are there somewhere....

Myra said...

I think you have a wonderful kaos of creation around you Marlene! At least you remember where your safe places are... Mine, NOT!!! LOL!

Happy stitchings to you, and sorry I haven't visited for such a long while... life is nuts!!! 8-(

Karen said...

Your applique pins have probably run off with my missing ruler. Wish I could find it.