Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Works in Progress . . .


Oh . . . I was so close!  I ran out of thread with only this much left to quilt.  The shopping list has started now.


Another little WIP that has had to be put aside . . . I don’t have that shade of orange – it goes on the list also.


I cannot show this whole quilt until October sometime.  It was basted together over the weekend and then guess what?  No thread!  Sure I could use a light beige, but I have my heart set on a butterscotch color that will blend better.  Plus the back is a nice chocolate brown and I think the butterscotch will look much better.


Since I was on a roll with my plaids and Christmas prints all pulled out and laying around, I decided to have a go at another quick Christmas quilt.  This one also can’t be shown until after the middle of October.  I’m ready to move onto the appliqué parts of this one today so I better get cracking!

Umm . . . wonder what color of thread I need for this one?

Have a great week everyone . . .

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Karen said...

The Boo to You piece is a hoot!