Thursday, 9 September 2010

Shopping Trip - Complete


I can now carry on with all of my projects . . . which one should I choose – there seems to be so many piled around the room right now.


I’ve been noticing on some of the blogs out there in blog land that the new Quilt Sampler magazine came out recently.  I always have to wait another week or more before I see it here in any of my local stores – Wal-Mart pulled through today and it was sitting there just waiting for me.

This has been one of my FAVORITE magazines for quite a number of years now (only published twice per year).  I have every issue that has ever been printed and as my daughter loves to say lately – they form part of my hoarding collection.  I refer back to these issues every chance I get and love to throw a couple of the old issues in to the car when we go on a road trip – I love them!


So . . . today I love them just a little bit more :).


Look up there in the upper right hand corner – way up there.

They didn’t tell me it was going to be in Quilt Sampler!

I knew it was in another magazine (that shall remain un-named), but I never dreamt it would be in this wonderful issue.

I love quilting and I LOVE magazines!

(And I am really not a hoarder – don’t listen to my daughter!)


Jennifer said...

None of us are hoarders, are we! We have a collection of reference works. *grin* I shall keep an eye out for this one.

Skeena Designs said...

I love Quilt Sampler! Congrats for showing up with the awesome runner design! I made a top already from the previous issue - Sharon Reilly design - just posted to my blog. I love the patterns in Quilt Sampler. - Kim

Annette said...

Congratulations. You deserve to be there, you have some beautiful designs. I know, because I have one of them hanging in my house and I enjoy it every day.

paulette said...

We are all collectors and proud of it!! Quilt Sampler is my number one favourite too...and we have to wait even longer up here in BC (Canada)...And congratulations!! Can't wait to get my sweaty little hands on this issue!!
Take care!

joan said...

Oh I am so with you ... when I travel I too need a quilt magazine!
Way to go!!! I love that your table runner is in the magazine. Congratulations!