Thursday, 30 September 2010

Strange Week . . .

Just a bit more weirdness in my yard . . . maybe I’m living under a mushroom also!

There are certainly days where I wonder if that is not really the case . . .



This mushroom has a very interesting design on top . . . wonder how that happens . . . air flow, light, . . . I wonder?  Thank goodness the sun has been shining all week so far and these mushrooms will disappear as quick as they came – I’m not used to seeing these popping up in the strangest places!


On Tuesday I attended a district meeting for my organization and it was held out in the country.  Look at the Prairie view!


This is where the meeting was held . . . an historical Church that has been converted into a restaurant/meeting place and also a bed and breakfast.  It is called Cafe Bru and is located about 3 1/2 miles from Cypress River, Manitoba.  You have to drive around on some gravel country roads and then you climb a steep hill and once you get to the top – there it is . . . the Church steeple can be seen for miles!


The architecture, antiques and the meal they served was fantastic and is certainly worth a second visit.


As far as I could tell all of the stained glass windows were still intact and were breathtaking . . . the details and colors were awesome!


And this was the side yard of the Church looking towards the owner’s house . . . very picturesque spot indeed!

I have been quilting this week in the evenings but of course most of the stuff I can’t show anyway so scenery it is!

I’ve had an interesting work week and I’ll be back hopefully tomorrow to show you what I was up to on Wednesday.  Something else that was just a little “outside-the-box”!


Jennifer said...

What a gorgeous place for a meeting or retreat - and what a fabulous view!

Joanne said...

Beautiful pictures! Lovely sunny days!

Myra said...

Very neat looking mushroom, and wonderful photos Marlene! 8-)