Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Flu, Mail and Some Progress . . .

Yeah, last weekend was a flu weekend – even had to miss a quilting day with my Undercover Strippers on Saturday! I did manage to crawl down to the sewing room once and tried to stitch a straight line or two . . . I succeeded in the straight line part – they were just the wrong pieces put together. Ended up un-sewing more than sewing!



This project has been taking up most of my at-home waking hours . . . progress is being made! Pattern writing needs to happen soon though – there is quite a number of projects that are at that stage.


Including this quilt, which is “my most favorite quilt in the stack” right now.


I am going to test out that theory – is it really “my most favorite quilt in the stack” or is it just that line of fabric that I like so much? I ordered a couple more honey bun bundles so that I could test this theory (and my pattern writing!) I really want to test this out with the Soiree line – it’s got that lovely teal blue in there that I’m just dying to put in a quilt.


The Nostalgia honey bun by April Cornell will be used to test out another pattern that is in the pile. I really need to take some vacation days soon! So many things to do . . .

And speaking of things to do – maybe you have a spare jelly roll sitting around that needs used up. Go check out the Sampler Quilt Along that Moose on the Porch is hosting – one jelly roll and some yardage is all you need to participate in this March to August sampler series. I AM ONLY GOING TO WATCH!!!!! But it really does sound like fun.

Well we’re off on a road trip this weekend – that means I will be taking a couple of quilts along to try and get the binding sewn on. Might have a couple of finishes to post next week for my PhD (see sidebar!)

Have a great weekend everyone!


What Comes Next? said...

Oh Marlene - no fun about not feeling well, hope you are doing much better now and have a great road trip this weekend

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of what you say is “my most favorite quilt in the stack". I am anxious to see the whole quilt. I am still muddling throught my quilting adventure, but it definitely looks like something I would like to make myself.

Glad that you are feeling better!


Anonymous said...
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