Thursday, 17 December 2009

Quilt Gatherings & a Flying Lid

I know, I know . . . I’m really, really late with these posts!  Potluck meals (YUM!!), work Christmas parties, outings with friends . . . ‘tis the Season for running about and having a good time.

Not all was a good time though . . . three meetings this week and final salary negotiations – all done for a while now.  Thank goodness!  No more stress headaches . . . horrible time of year to be doing these things, but at least it is now done for three years and will not have to be revisited until then – I hope!

On to more interesting things . . .

Monday, December 7th – Peace by Piece Quilt Group in Brandon met to celebrate with a pot luck, gift exchange and wonderful show and tells. DSC04592

I LOVE these little snowmen . . . all plaids and scattered little cheery faces – gotta remember this little pattern.


This group has started a BOM garden theme this year (and next), with a member taking a turn each month to design, make 2 blocks and bring the pattern for all the members that are participating.  One block remains with the person who brought it and the other extra block goes into a charity square pile that will become a quilt at the end of the whole program.  The table above is spread out with everyone’s blocks so far . . . see mine there?  They are the small blocks . . . I decided I didn’t/couldn’t use another quilt with 12” finished blocks, so have shrunk the patterns down to 8” blocks.  I think they are coming along great so far! DSC04599

This is Sheila’s Bunny Hill quilt so far – the December block is still a work in progress but she needed to get the sashing and corner squares together also because this is supposed to be a Christmas present for someone.  She is also in the process of working on a second one of this BOM and has all of the appliqué pieces cut out for it – very ambitious!  - but so worthwhile.DSC04607

This quilt is Lise’s and I think those colors are very striking!  Lise has drafted this pattern herself and I think she did a great job.  There is still one more red border to go on and then I think she said a black binding.  It’s a biggie!

Now moving on to last Saturday, December 12 – the Saturday Quilt Group (we need a name!) that I belong to met for a pot luck lunch and an all day sew.DSC04633

Marg was working on a her Mystery Quilt that she had started at a retreat a while back.  They were told to bring three completed blocks and yardage – looks like that would have been a fun workshop!DSC04636

This table runner is Sheryl’s and I love those colors and the star formations – gorgeous!  I need to try one of these . . . DSC04638

Joan was working on little Christmas stockings for her daughter’s nursery school (kindergarten?) students – she was making a lot!  They are so cute and little . . . there are still some bells that will be added once they are all sewn together.  Such a great gift for a teacher to give to her class at Christmas – especially when Mom kicks in and helps out so much – way to go Joan! DSC04641

A group of us got together to finally make our Hot Iron covers . . . took a bit of time, but I’m so happy to finally have one of these. DSC04653

This is mine with the pink and black . . . I think it turned out great and I love the sewing themed prints that we chose.  Sheila had the black and I had the pink so we shared and came up with a brighter finished project than if we had just used our one color.


Look how cozy and organized my iron is now . . . can you tell I’m thrilled???  The pattern we used was from here.  Adjust and improvise as needed.

Now onto the flying lid . . .


This is the front of my stove as of last Saturday.  My wonderful, talented, dear husband had just taken the lid off a casserole dish and it slipped/flipped backwards out of his hands and smacked (lovely sound it made – really!) into the glass panel on the stove.  It’s not a new stove by any means, but how long can I really go with it all duct taped together now.  I should have taken an after-the-duct-tape-repair photo for you . . . but really who wants to see my stove now – I’m embarrassed just looking at it.  The stove is old enough that I really doubt that a new panel can be ordered and inserted – oh, well,  - that’s the way the cookie sometimes crumbles right?


I wonder if a new stove will fit under my Christmas tree?  I sure hope so!

‘til next time,



Myra said...

Sounds like you've been having lots of fun out your way M!!! 8-)
Lovely show and tells, and I love that BOM idea that you are all doing, and ending up with a donation quilt! Awesome!
You iron covers look great! You all dove into that one hey!?!
Perhaps Santa may just have the right stove to fit under your tree... lol!
Happy stitchings!

Annette said...

oops! So sorry about your stove. Maybe Santa has email so he can get the message quickly and on time for Christmas. I love your iron cozies. What a neat idea!

Jennifer said...

Lovely show and tell! Oh dear, the stove....mishaps happen...our kitchen floor has burn marks, thanks to our son who dropped a hot oven rack.

What Comes Next? said...

wonderful projects in your show and tells! Your stove mis-hap reminded me of a story I read quite some years ago - The $50,000 Stove Handle. Started with the stove handle breaking and needing to be replaced, which turned into a new stove, which turned into a new kitchen, which turned into a whole house reno, complete with dog running through the paint tray and then over all the new floors! Glad there were no injuries when the glass flew, and hopefully a new stove will arrive in time to cook the turkey!

Anonymous said...

Tell santa LG makes the best stoves. Digital control panel...

Karen said...

The little snowman quilt is just as cute as can be. I think I have seen the pattern before but can't remember who the designer is.

I could use one of those hot iron covers. I have seen bags that the iron slips into but I think I like what I see in your post much better.

I like the block idea that your group is doing. Everyone ends up with something including a charity.

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