Monday, 26 July 2010

Over the weekend . . .

there was a bit of progress in my sewing room.


A few more swirlies and what-nots were prepped . . .


cottage roses and buds were almost completed (still need a yo-yo in the center) and . . .


some more tulips were stitched in place.  (These are two different projects just in case you were wondering about the colors.)


There was also a little bit of relaxing time.  Everything was so very quiet this weekend . . . no barking dogs, no screaming kids or cars . . . so peaceful.  Even the mosquitoes have decided to ease off a bit.

DSC00696 Did you find your weekend to be a half-full or a half-empty kind of weekend?  Mine was on the fuller side and I really liked that :)

Have a great week everyone.


Candace said...

Mmm... I want some!

Stina Blomgren said...

This looks sooo goood.... :o)))) Love to see more..:o)
Enjoy some more sewing..!!