Monday, 16 May 2011

Tick and Tick!

Two more down!  Yahoo, yipee!


Here is my Seasonal Tablerunner all done up and ready to go.


I love the colors that I found for this project and it's going to look so wonderful come Fall on my dining room table.  This was a little tricky to figure out how to quilt, but eventually I think it came together.  A little smaller scale quilting than I have been doing and just had to tighten everything up a bit.  Quite happy with it though - nice to have done.


And here is my next one that is all completed - the one that I really don't like the fabrics in.  Although now that it is all done and the flowers are on there, it is growing on me.  To test my attachment to a quilt I will sometimes ask myself whether it is a quilt that I want to keep or should I give it away . . . I'm still literally still on the fence with that question!


Look at those happy flowers . . . gotta keep them around for a while yet!

I received a wonderful boxful of buttons on Saturday and have slowly been going through it.  I've found a couple of really nice big ones that will work great on the front of the basket there - I just need to narrow it down to which button.  Thanks Mae for all the little bits and baubles to go through - I'm having a blast!


These two quilt finishes will make it five down on my list of Myra's PhDs (see sidebar) and four more to go.

Two more quilts are waiting in the wings all ready basted and ready to quilt; one more needs backing pieced and then basted and one is still being looked at.  June 30th is the deadline . . . and it keeps creeping closer.


Nothing seems to stand still does it?  My car just keeps ticking down the kilometers.  So very sad :(

All is well though and we'll keep tickin' down the miles together . . . still haven't seen a new one that I like better - at least that's in my price range. Of course there are always other ones I could drool on - I just wouldn't like to be paying the monthly payments - really nice to have that extra cash in my pocket every month. And NO I am not buying fabric with it all!

Have a great week everyone!


greelyrita said...

I quite like the quilt you're on the fence on. It's not contrasty enough for you, right? Did you use an old sweater for the pot? That's a nice idea. You're really getting through your list. Good for you!

Karen said...

I love the quilt with the basket of flowers but then it is my style. Keep thinking. You may grow to like it. It would make a good gift too.

The compass style fall color piece is spectacular!

Kris said...

Marlene - I love, simply love your autumn table runner!! Not only are the colors great but the pattern is fabulous!! And I do like your flower quilt - buttons will really set off the vase!! I have a 1995 van that is old, old old, but it runs and no car payments!!! :-) Kris

Jennifer said...

Love the table runner, those autumn colours are so lovely! Definitely my favourite season, and we are in the middle of it right now. I don't blame you for being undecided about the 'fence' quilt - I would be too.