Monday, 13 June 2011

Dinosaurs and Quilt Shows

We got home from Alberta last Monday and immediately got sucked into work and other ongoing life happenings.  Over this past weekend we held a fantastic quilt workshop and I’ll have more details of that in a couple of days.


Of course going to the part of Alberta that we went to just happened to be close to Drumheller which is home to dinosaurs and very interesting rock formations.


They have some hoo doos also that were just a tad bit disappointing after seeing the ones out in the BC mountains.  Interesting just the same.


Then we decided that it would be a good idea to look up old ghost towns in the area and therein our tour of the area began.


This little town was on the list as a ghost town but there was still a saloon open and a few houses.


The whole area was comprised of these desolate, craggy mountains/hills jutting out of the ground.  Just a bit different scenery than we have here in Manitoba!


I can’t remember which little town we found this blue church but I thought it was quite unique in it’s color – pretty much the first thing you saw when you drove into the town.  As you can see the day was quite overcast and I did get some interesting sky shots.


I did find a little quilt shop in Delburne, Alberta called Country Quilting & More.

And while I was in visiting these great gals I found out that there was a quilt show over in Stettler.  It just so happened that we were able to stop in Stettler for lunch and the guys dropped me off for a half hour tour of all of these gorgeous quilts.

I believe the quilt above is a Whimsicals pattern and was done up beautifully – I love Whimsical fabric and patterns!


I’m almost sure that this gorgeous quilt is made from a 3 Sisters line of fabric called Aster Manor or Park Avenue . . . whichever line it is doesn’t matter – it was delicious!


This area was set up with little vignettes and was very nice.  The little quilt in the middle at the front was a little doll blanket made with 2 1/2” squares that were stitched directly onto the background.  The stitching was about 1/2” away from all edges of the block and once it was washed a few times it would get nice and raggy and yummy.  Loved that idea.


And how could I pass by the cat quilt.  This was the one that I chose for Viewer’s Choice just because it made me smile.  I did not hear which quilt won the award but I thought they were all very nice and they should all get Viewer’s Choice.

It was great fun to find a fabulous little quilt shop in such a small town and then to attend a quilt show as well.  Totally unplanned -sometimes that is more fun anyway isn’t it?!?!

Back in a day or so . . .


Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing your journey with us.....very interesting! Lovely quilts too, that kitty quilt is such fun.

Karen said...

The house quilt is wonderful!