Sunday, 17 July 2011

Creepy . . .

sticky, icky cobwebs . . .


everywhere I turn they are clinging to me!


So it got me thinking about . . .



Look at those adorable faces and bats . . . aren’t they sinister looking?!?!?  Wonder where they will end up?


We’ve got a party planned for October and I’m thinking wayyyyyyyyyy ahead here.  Lucky Halloween is such a special day for me and that I love to decorate for it.  I love the colors, the shapes and yes even the . . . mystery!!  Some of you will know what I mean by that :)


Here is a shot of a corner of the yard.  Did you know that this is called “Sipiweske” – definition is Light Through The Trees.  There are some wonderful photos out there that capture this beautifully.


Oh . . . I forgot to mention that it is super hot here right now.  This poor little hot, hot kitty is passed out on her princess blankets (I think there are 4 in the stack) with the fan blowing on her rear end.  Every time I wonder where she’s at I can find her here – age and heat just don’t go together very well - but she is finding a solution of sorts.

Hope you are staying cool wherever you are.  Have a great Sunday!


Jennifer said...

Your Halloween looks like so much's not the same here, as it is getting much warmer and darkness doesn't come until later at night.....gotta have dark for Halloween!

Dolores said...

Hot and humid here too. A tiny bit of rain this morning but that's all. Your post reminded me that I have a small Hallowe'en quilt kit to make up.
Stay cool. We have central air and I'm not going anywhere today.

Myra said...

Summer is nice, the heat I can handle in small doses, but this humidity can get lost!! Blegh...

Halloween! That reminds me, I don't have anything as such in the form of quilting... Time to fix that! 8-)

Stay cool Marlene!