Sunday, 9 October 2011

Breakfast Out

Recently we had the wonderful opportunity of sampling a wonderful restaurant in Winnipeg - The Falafel Place has an amazing atmosphere and is certainly worth a visit.
Falafel 1
It’s loud, it’s busy and the food is awesome.  This isn’t your quiet, reserved, elevator music playing in the background kinda restaurant.  Everything is fast paced and you cannot help but be pulled into the atmosphere – lots to experience, taste and see.
The owner runs his ship with a firm hand and everyone on staff seems to be very aware of what their job is and that it better be done fast and efficiently.
Look at that stack of eggs there on the front counter – close at hand and ready for the non-stop rush.  You will also notice that it is CASH ONLY . . . no fiddle fartin’ around with plastic stuff at this restaurant.
falafel orange juice
  Ah, but the fresh squeezed orange juice is to die for!  You witness them squeezing every orange, pouring it into your glass and then you get to smell it . . . and taste it . . . I died and went to Heaven.  It was worth every expensive penny I paid for it!
falafel 2
I think he knew my daughter was trying to get his picture . . . he’s looking right at us - right?  Remember that episode of Seinfeld ("soup nazi") where they go into the bakery restaurant and then get kicked out?  Kinda felt a bit like that . . . rumor has it that if you linger too long at your table at the Falafel Place that he will ask you to leave so that he can seat more people.  Business is business after all!
Well worth the trip and the experience and this restaurant has now become one of our favorite Saturday/Sunday morning breakfast spots when we’re visiting Winnipeg.
Falafels for breakfast – you bet!!!

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Myra said...

Fresh OJ! Well I'll have to get there for breakfast some day soon!!
We've seen that episode on Seinfeld, a few times, and use that "no soup for you" line at times too... lol...
Hope you are keeping well M!!