Thursday, 1 September 2011

Quite some time ago . . .

I won these wonderful 1/2 yard pieces of Christmas fabric from Myra’s wonderful blog.


Not only are the fabrics gorgeous but the card is also amazing!  Each of the little “quilted” parts of the card are actual fabric pieces and someone has taken the time to ink in the stitches.  What a wonderful package.


The package also came with a pattern that looks intriguing and will work good for some of those large print fabrics that are kicking around.

Thank you Myra!

(Oh, BTW, Myra is hosting a Mystery over on her blog – pop over and take a peek to find out the details)

I’ve been missing . . . once again . . . in action . . . excuses are many – many of the quiltie things that I’m working on can’t be shown yet and the rest of “the life” is busy with work and parents.

I will try and get back sooner than later and I certainly hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer.  Holidays don’t start for me until the last week in September, so it feels like a long haul yet before I can concentrate on getting this sewing room cleaned up.  Weekends are soooooooooooooo short!


Jennifer said...

You're right, those fabrics are just gorgeous!

Myra said...

Good you've got it! I was wondering if you had received it while I was gone... Good stuff! 8-)
Happy Fall to you M!